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My Top 10 Movie Logos Meme

By LoudNoises
I had quite a tough time coming up with a top 10 for this, but I went for it and this is what I got:

10. Scott Free [link] A wonderfully animated logo, you forget that this company is owned by the directors of American Gangster and True Romance. :XD:

9. Amblin Entertainment [link] Steven Spielberg's company. It never fails to remind you of the great films Steven directed and produced over the years.

8. Walt Disney Animation Studios [link] The return of Walt Disney animation, it's wonderful use of Steamboat Willie tells you that this won't be a Pixar film, but a 100% Disney film.

7. Pixar Animation Studios [link] Speaking of Pixar, this logo is simple, but funny. The hopping lamp has become it's mascot, and there's no guessing as to why here.

6. DreamWorks Animation [link] Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly a fan of DreamWorks Animation. I only have 2 of their films on DVD: Wallace & Gromit and How to Train Your Dragon. But still, it's good to see a logo like this take advantage of the 3D craze and use it for its proper intention.

5. Regency Enterprises [link] Okay, so this company may be responsible for giving us all but one of the Friedberg/Seltzer films, but at least not all of their films have been bad. Mr and Mrs Smith, anyone? Fun Fact - The music in this logo is taken from Danny Elfman's main title music for the 1993 Warner Bros. film Sommersby

4. Universal Pictures [link] Come on, after seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and how :iconlucasleeplz: walked into the film set to this music, you'd make it one of your favourite logos too! :XD:

3. Village Roadshow Pictures [link] I may love Hollywood studio logos, but I gotta give a shoutout to the Aussie ones as well! This is the best of them all. What started out as a cinema chain from the 50s, then a home video distributor from the 80s, has now become one great Aussie studio.

2. Walt Disney Pictures [link] Wow... just wow. This was a REAL surprise for me. I wasn't told that Disney was working on a new logo when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was being released, and that was a good thing. Because when I went to see it (with my brother and his friends who dragged me to it :XD:), not only was the film great, but the logo was BEAUTIFUL. I hadn't been more surprised than I ever was before when that logo came up. The funny thing was, when I saw it, I thought it was going to be one of those Coke-Cola Christmas commercials! :rofl:

1. Warner Bros. Pictures [link] The most recognized logo of them all, and my #1 favourite. Everytime it appears on screen, you know you're seeing a Hollywood icon that has been around for over 80 years. The music (As Time Goes By from Casablanca) really helps too. It, along with it's wonderful animation, makes this my #1 favourite movie studio logo.

Now, in case you start yelling 'Where's the 20th Century Fox structure?' or 'Where's the Columbia Pictures torch lady?', keep in mind, this is MY top 10. You want the Columbia torch lady? Put it in YOUR top 10.

Link to original meme: [link]
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I love the new Disney logo myself. Did you see how in Pirates 4, the logo had a pirate flag on the top of the castle? :D