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That means, the opinion isn't suppose to be implied, it's suppose to be literally in there.

We don't care if it's the submission itself (like an essay or blog) or if it's in the author's description/box, but it must be in there.

An opinion is more then just a statement, it's more then just about 'what', it has to include 'why' as well. Meaning something like the following in any variation:

Why did you make it?

Why does it affect you?

What are your personal thoughts on the matter?

How does this make you feel?

Why is this important or important to you?

Write a short paragraph in the author's comment or some such, just as long as your submission CONTAINS an opinion rather then it just BEING an opinion piece, we'll gladly accept.

Also, arguing with a mod in a rude manner when they say it doesn't contain an opinion will likely get you a one way ticket to Bantown.

In this particular piece the opinion is this -

If you identify yourself with anime avatars, if you post nothing but anime pictures, if you use only anime to identify yourself as a human being then you are a weaboo (a derogatory name for an obsessed anime fan) no matter how many times you deny it. The video that accompanies my work, would probably make things more obvious but I don't expect you to watch it. There is a caption in the deviation itself. I don't expect everyone to understand the meaning.


You're lucky, coffee cup. I'm willing to let those little insults slide out of my goodness of my heart since your ill and are probably overly sensitive because you feel like shit.

O. Do you prefer people kissing your ass?

It's not to say that you can't ask questions, ask why it was denied or argue back, but that you do it in a manner that is still respectful when you are being treated with that same respect. We don't really give two shits what your opinion is as long as it's within our rules and dA rules, your opinion isn't what's in question. We're not above being wrong either, but we have rules and guidelines for a reason. Stop taking it personally.


Dump your art, we're not an art group.

Dump your screenshots and asshurtery.

Dump your demotivational posters.

Dump your anime crap.

We'll only accept some of those if and when they contain an opinion.

I hope this clears things up a little bit.

If not, fucking ASK, don't be a little tardmuffin like the above example. It really irks me. And yes, I know I may sound a little bit rough, but we've been getting these asshats for a short while now. |: I'm tired of their crap. Read the rules, if you don't understand something you know what to do. The reply button is there for a reason, abuse it.

Any questions?

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Hi, do you accept french opinions in your group? Just wondering. Also, do you accept opinions that are journals?
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could this enter in the group? it`s a asperger/autism poem
i have a special Gift
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Would this count to be in your group? :) It does have an opinion but it's not a /loud/ opinion. :XD:
Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me's avatar
Yes, that would count.
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Thank you very much! :D