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Hell in a Handbasket [light] by Loucypher2k Hell in a Handbasket [light] by Loucypher2k
I'm sorry, I couldn't come up with a better title.
Maybe I should've used the warcrime it's about as title:


During that massacre, two girls of age 15 and 18 were reportedly gang-raped by 200 soldiers each. One died, one lived in psychiatric care for 53 years. Probably died at the age of 71 then. I don't know if the 15 year old was the survivor or the 18 year old. Does it matter? They both lived through worse, than hell could ever be.

It goes to show. Man doesn't need Angels or Demons. There is no need for God or a Devil. There is nothing more powerful in this universe than man. He builds utopias and creates beauty. He burns wemon and lives on human flesh.

If you don't comprehend the ultimate power that you possess and the pain all of our ancestors went through, so you could live today, you will never understand your tremendous responsibility.
That responsibility tends to crush you with it's weight, but once you channel that pressure into morality and learn to use the power at your fingertips for the good of humanity, not to make others smaller, not to be the strongest, but to grow with one another, help one another and become just a little stronger than you were before, you will understand what jesus meant, when he said
"The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."
, because every evil in the world was created by us, and every safehaven was built by us.

Power is neutral, neither evil nor good, but ours is tremendous, indeed.

Wield it with restraint and humbleness.

P.S.: I don't care about the bible much, ever since I was alerted to a chapter, verse or whatever they fancy calling it, in which god directs his chosen people to conquer a city and give pregnant wemon a very special excecution: his people were to Rip.Them.Open. That's a quote.
That's about everything a book needs to advocate, to get a skull next to it in my book. Don't hate me for the jesus quote. :S

P.P.S.: Hosea 13:16:
"Samaria shall bear her guilt,
because she has rebelled against her God;
they shall fall by the sword;
their little ones shall be dashed in pieces,
and their pregnant women ripped open."

Painted 31.10.2012
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