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Grunge Swirl Brushes 3

By Lou012
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This is the third of the Grunge Swirl brushes. There are 10 in this just as the others, but these are a little different. They are grungy, but some of them have a shape added in to make it more fancy. Some have no shape. For example, one has three butterflies, and you can see that brush in the preview. [It is in lighter purple so you can point it out better]

[Photoshop CS2 and up]

Enjoy! =D
© 2008 - 2021 Lou012
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thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing this. Will use this in a pic of some friends. I Will Post it as soon as I can.
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i used a couple here. thanks much.

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hello i used your brushes here! thanks!! [link]
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Love these! Used them here--> [link] Thanks for sharing! :hug:
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exactly what i was searching for, thanks!
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glad you like them! :D
your welcome! :D
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Thanks for the brushes! I used them for this piece
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I used these brushes here [link]

Thank you ^^
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used them here: [link]
and here: [link]

thanks :XD:
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I used your awesome brushes one this deviantion: [link]

Thank you so much for posting them!
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Hey, do you mind if I use these for my school yearbook? They'd definately fit our theme :D
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i used these on a wedding invitation: [link]

thanks so much!
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Awesome brush set - I used it in a gift for my friends birthday, and you can check it out on my account. Thanks so much for making awesome brushes :)
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thanks~ these are really great :D
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these were just what I was looking for! ...but I uninstalled photoshop elements 3.0 and can't get it to reinstall and I'm not stuck with photo shop 7.0, and there fore cannot use them. oh well, great brushes anyway.

but.. do you have the image pack anywhere?
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These are beautiful! Thanks so much for making them! :hug:
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i ish downloading it <3
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Thanks so much!
Glad you like them! =D
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how do you use them?
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