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My Bio
Avatar: my wheaten terrier, Molly. She just seems to come along wherever website I go. :) Check out both my dogs here on an old youtube account www.youtube.com/watch?v=czjFjM…

Personal Bio:
My name is Louise, and I am still a relatively new artist. I was born in The Netherlands, lived in France for 10 years, backpacked through India, Sri Lanka, and trekked in Nepal. I arrived in Canada 12 years ago, and am married to a Canadian, who often advises me on my artwork, gives me new ideas, and is really my very best critic.
We both love bird photography. We're blessed with the most beautiful birds in our backyard and close surroundings, so a camera in hand comes naturally.

Artistic Bio:
I've been posting on DA regularly for the past 2 years; photographs and traditional art. I received 4 DD's (Daily Deviations) for both categories, one of which is a depression awareness poster. Over the years I participated in the Ottawa Art s-in-the-Parc Show, sold some of my works there as well as in our local Christmas fairs. One of my earliest and prettiest works is even adorning a big dental office in town. I am feeling incredibly happy to have touched some people with my artwork, enough for them to want to look at it every day. It's a special feeling, knowing your original artwork is hanging on a wall somewhere in different places.. in Holland, Canada and the US. Inquiries for purchasing any of my original works are always welcome.

Two years ago, I started with acrylic paint out of pure curiosity as to the feel of it. I worked on canvasses with paint, white, silver and gold pigment ink. Then I discovered foamboard and artboard. And I went from paint to Sharpies, on to Copic-, Touch-, Pro- and Prismacolor- markers and finally moved over to Bristol (vellum) and drawing paper, and Faber-Castell Polychromos colour pencils.

Artistic vision:
I most love working tedious and intricate designs. So it wasn't long before I discovered mandala's (circles) Working on one shuts out the world, my mind goes blank, and at the same time, I become extremely alert. Drawing them is a kind of meditation, or I rather call it personal training. Sometimes, what looks like a mistake was done on purpose, and other times, a true mistake does happen and offers opportunities that I hadn't counted on but accept happily, since it ends up making the piece different and more interesting. I try to never, ever waste a sheet of paper. Mistakes or not, I will finish my circle. However, I don't post everything I make ;)
Suffering depression and anxiety, I found working with art can be a wonderful outlet.
Current addition:
Over the years I've posted so many deviations, that currently I'm in the slow process of cleaning my page and reducing my gallery to a more manageable quantity.

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Hello! I just wanted to tell you I used your stock here: Chirpy Friend - Inktober 2017
Thank you for letting us use your beautiful photos.
hoop dat alles goed met je is? ik mis die goede oude DA tijd wel een beetje.....
.........Did you ever make it to Nepal ?? Just wondering.... Hope you are well  Louise !
Hi there, I love your mandalas! I only recently started drawing mandalas and I love it. Your work is very much inspiring - I've got a ton of ideas for new projects! :love:
Thanks for the watch and +fav ! Love 
Hey hey
Ik zag net je mandala. Echt supervet ^^
Toen bedacht ik me dat het misschien gaaf is om samen een werk te maken.
Ik kan iets maken dat in een bubble past wat ik dan rotatie symetrisch kopien van kan maken en dan kan jij met je mandala skillz ertussen allerlei gave dingen doen (dien je het wel uit te printen...).

Aardig idee?
Ha die piethein! Dank je wel!  Ja, dat is een aardig idee, inderdaad. Dank dat je aan me dacht! Ik heb hier even over moeten denken, daarom niet meteen geantwoord.  Maar ik moet deze keer jammergenoeg verstek laten gaan.  Ik ben hard aan t werk voor possible expo, er hangt or hangen binnenkort 1 of 2 werken in ons local Theatre.  Daarbij heb ik ook iets gaande voor een trouwcadeau, waar ik nog aan moet beginnen. Dus gewoon, geen tijd om ook nog iets anders leuks tussendoor te doen.  Hopelijk komt daar in de herfst verandering in, en kunnen we dan iets samen doen?  Ik vindt het een leuk idee! :)