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Bamharr adopt - 1402 - 1403 - FCFS - closed

By LotusLumino
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Only the owner of the adopt (who bought it) is allowed to use it! ----Please do NOT post on Facebook, Instagram or Anywhere, unless you are the owner. ----

-If you don't manage to send the payment from your balance but from your bank directly, and for some reason you start a chargeback against/from me, you'll be banned.  So please if your bank has weird foreign policies, make sure to only pay from your balance! 
please read the info D: !
I accept cash for them ! (paypal)
Each babe costs: $ 52
Please do not forget that there is a 1 month trade cooldown on all released bamharr adopts! Please only grab one (a person can NOT claim more!)
This is First Come First Serve! Only claim for yourself or as a gift!
---------- Owners: ----------- 

Cybharr 1402 - Revan-Dawnstar 

Cybharr 1403 - Diluculi 

Bamharr Reference sheet - updated! by LotusLumino
It is a CLOSED SPECIES, meaning you can NOT make your own .
Please respect this rule and me. 
in :iconbamharr-babes: Learn more about the group and world here!
----------Please take these rules very seriously. From now on I'll be really strict about it.-----------
Paying for adopts:
- I only accept payment Through your PAYPAL balance, not from the bank! This is just to make sure your bank doesn't have some weird policies,
like starting random chargebacks against me. 
- I gladly wait for the transfer from your bank to your paypal account but in that case let me know you are transferring! You have 24 hours to pay,
if you need the transfer time, let me know and it can be extended!)
- If you bid but hide your comment for whatever reason I will automatically ban you from all my future auctions and adopt batches. If
it is something like you added your reply to the wrong comment, let me know and I'll fix it!
-Only at least 2 month old accounts can bid/buy.
----For Bamharrs----
- For trading rules check this journal Bamharr Trade Center
- No changing the design, there are ways for it in the group though. (for more information visit the group)
- Credit me for the species when submitting art of them. And once again, I'd love to see what you do with your babe!
- You can not claim a bamharr if you still owe me payment.

Drawing, Closed species (c) me
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© 2021 LotusLumino
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They're both gorgeous, especially the dark blue one!

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They’re both gorgeous, but ooof 1402 has my heart! So glad they both went to wonderful homes! ❤️❤️❤️
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Thank you ; 3 ; <333333 Super glad you like them/him!! <3333333333333

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mmmyaaaaassss sexy boooiiiissss <333333

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Hhhhhhhhhh - 3 - <333333333333333

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1403 please *u*

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Hhhhhh thank youu! Q v Q <333333 Will invoice you in a moment!! <3333333333333

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Thank youuu Q 3 Q <3333333 noting!!

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CYB BOYSSSSSSS AAAAA * 3 * <3333 so hot!

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Yessssssshh * 3 * <33333333333333333333

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Could I get 1402 please?

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Yes absolutely! ; u ; <3333333333333 Thank you so much! Will invoice you in a moment! ^^

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Thank you sooo much! Q 3 Q <3333 noting you in a moment!

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