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Seasons GSC Style

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hello - can you please make this tileset public? :)
thank you!~~Giggle Heart 
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Why dont you use custom GBC tiles?
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The Fall Colours look very warm and inviting, and GSC brings back so many nice, fond Memories.
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so cool! do you make them? i never know TTT_TTT
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Lovely and i love the palletes may i ask are these palletes private as i have some Gbc tile i would like to give the seasonal touch?
LotusKing's avatar
Well they are for a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge set of GSC tiles I will release for the public soon...
MLLM's avatar
So you will be releasing them? so cant i just use em now xD lol xD if not i will wait then man :)
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uhhm yeah wait until I release mine, then you can use the palettes. but i will release them sooon
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Cool or i could create my own palletes xD
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I think summer and spring should switch. Things are blooming in the spring so I think they deserve the more vibrant colors.
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Where I live, spring green is brighter as the leaves are less mature and not exposed to strong sunlight and heat.

In the summer everything turns blue-green as it gets more sunlight and even dries out a tad bit. I guess color wise it'd make more sense if they switched... but if I make these public that is up to the discretion of the user! :D
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
Well I guess it is different for everyone depending on where you live in the world.
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That would be interesting if the sea water changes during seasons c:
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What would change about it? I could add ice in the winter I guess but other than that wouldn't the water be the same? XD
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Breakers due to winter storms.
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