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Editor's note: I'm going down with this ship

The smoke detector could be heard beeping over the occasional coughing. 

Clouds of dark billowing smoke filled the kitchen and most of the rest of the apartment for that matter. 

It was a total disaster. 

Lotus opened the kitchen door, bag of groceries  in her arms as she stepped into the smog filled abode, breaking out in a small bit of coughing.

She could hear the smoke detector, its shrill beeping piercing her eardrums. 

“Babe is that you?” roy asked, as he walked in from the other room, waving some papers in attempt to clear the smoke. 

“What the hell happened!” She shrieked, setting the bag down on the table and practically leaping in the man’s arms.

“Are you okay?!” Lotus squealed. Her arms wrapped tightly around Roy’s neck as she cuddled closer to him. 

The raven haired man gave a nervous chuckle as he tried waving away the last of the smoke. When the air finally cleared, there was a skillet of blackened mass on the stove. Likely the source of the commotion.

“I… wanted to surprise you with dinner.” Scratching the back of his neck sheepishly, he gave a quiet chuckle. 

Lotus’s expression went from worried to deadpan shock, her shoulders drooping from the shock.

Her worried face melted to nothingness, and then bloomed into a pleasant smile. 

There it was. That smile. That expression he fucking adored. It suited her so well, her high cheekbones pressing up on her eyes a little, her Xinese descent was so much more obvious then. Though it made him find her all the ore beautiful. Never before had he met a woman, Amestrian or Xinese that was so beautiful. 

Her grin was soon followed by feint giggling, which turned into more laughter. 

“I swear, you’re the clumsiest, most precious goofball ever.” She squeaked, hugging into him tighter, inhaling deeply, that rich smoky scent. He smelled like a campfire, aside from just having attempted at burning the house down. 

After finally setting the anxious redhead down on her feet again, Roy scraped the charred meal in the garbage and gave a quiet chuckle of embarrassment. When he turned around, Lotus was already putting away groceries and getting out stuff to try and remake dinner. 

“Do you think i’ll ever be able to learn to cook a meal without having you do it?” He asked with an unsure look, he wanted to surprise her someday, without it ending in smoke. Literally.

Lotus looked up, stirring the rise she had just poured water into. “Probably not. When it comes to cooking…. you suck” her tone was serious and her face deadpan. “But you can make up for it by being you, all that you’ve always ever been and all that you will be, Because you Roy Mustang, are the best thing thats ever happened to me.” She confessed with a soft smile, watching the man’s cold eyes light up and sparkle with such fondness. 

There was nothing in this world that could make her stop loving him as much as she did right now. 

Not a damn thing. 

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January 15, 2018
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