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1. Anything that my sprites that I make would have to be completely "free" (no paywall, no selling, no patreon involvement) with the resources I make.  I intentionally made these for a friend to use for his comic and he does not get paid a single cent for it, and neither do I... so it would not be fair for me to allow someone to use it for-profit either. As such, I will need a link of where these are being used for-free that is safe and publicly-displayed.

2. Do not insert any asset I create before I give permission. Essentially, I have to give a public "okay, you're good to go." first before you decide to use anything I make. I do not like being surprised. 

3. I do need to see examples of what you're doing prior to using the assets. If I don't like the project or if I don't feel it will be well-suited to the project, I will decline. 

4. If I do give permission initially, but I see the project going down a route in using the assets in a way I do not like, I will request a removal of the assets. To further on this point, I do like to be updated on how they're used if that should be changed any, but I do count gallery-submissions as updates, so that will work for me.

5. Most importantly, I will be going through and marking certain sprites as either "Ask for Permission" or "Restricted to (person)" in the description. Essentially, what this means is that "Ask" ones are most-likely to be allowed to be used for certain endeavors like this. "Restricted" ones means that they were made specifically for someone, so if you're not that person, don't ask.
Politics- I care less about them and the people running them because any way it's put, there's no good coming out of debating about it.

Religion- If you want to believe something, I'm not going to stop you if such belief does not harm me or anyone I care about. So most religions I hold nothing against, I'll just keep this topic out of discussions with me (either in skype or through other means) as a form of respect to prevent heated debates.

Sports: I care less about the teams and their activities/involvements along with if they win or lose at their particular event. I was semi-avid about watching my home-town team win, but I no longer live in my home-town and I don't give a darn of any team. So they're equally all the same to me. Also, I do include e-sports (gaming competitions) among this line of thought.

These are all generally heated-discussion topics that should be avoided in general anyways, I'm specifying them as my own "do not talk to me about" because I see too much of it as-is. Otherwise, have a nice day.