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Hroda and Casimir

Happy Valentines Day, DegraZul! I love you so much! ^^


"You should get rid of that Stormcloak bear. Both literally and figuratively speaking. Your necklace might attract unwanted attention." The tone of the man made it quite obvious that it wasn't the necklace what was bothering him.
"Just like your Amulet of Talos." pointed out Hroda.
"Oh, you noticed it." smiled Casimir.
"And so will the Thalmor." stated Hroda.
Casimir sighed. After a moment of pause he started to speak.
"So, we depart. I want to give you a goodbye kiss."
"You know you can't." blushed the nordic woman.
"To your hand, milady."
(Story by me, hope you don't mind DegraZul !)

The characters
Hroda Stormcloak, wife of High King Ulfric Stormcloak and her bodyguard Casimir Eagleheart share a compassionate moment during her stay in Hammerfell. Just don't let Ulfric hear about it.
This is my favourite 'ship from our story right know. I'm so on this ship. :D
This scene takes place before the first page of The Amazing Gray, around a month before.

This is the first I didn't use any lineart. When I looked at the sketch, I thought, I don't want to do a lineart, that would be double the work. So I try colouring without it.
Took about 18-20 hours. Started 3 days ago, I worked on it nonstop since I came up with the idea. Deadlines and love can make wonders!
Done in gimp, mostly with a solid round brush. All brushes are gimps own.

References and stock
Pose reference: M'lady.  by :iconsenshistock:
Background image: Desert 02 by ~neverFading-stock 
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I was wondering what looked different, but now that I read "lineless" it all makes sense. I love the background and I think it is a good thing that you kept the colour scheme of Hroda and Casimir relatively "cool" in terms of tint. Love the contrast between the two of them and I adore the way you made him look at her in pure adoration. :heart:

I find it hard to critique this as I have never taken the leap to do lineless art myself but if I would have to suggest anything, I would suggest being a bit bolder with the shading. Normally line art would render and capture a piece, dividing it in segments. With this now not present it might require a bit bolder shades to create depth. This might be a handy tutorial. He does predominantly traditional media, but he explains it pretty clear:…