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Death Battle Moveset: Boba Fett
Biography: Boba Fett is the cloned son of the famed Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango Fett. After witnessing his father's death at the hands of the Jedi Mace Windu, Boba grew to surpass his father's legacy as a bounty hunter, with his name becoming famed and feared across the galaxy. Over the course of his career, Fett achieved many impossible feats, such as holding his own against Darth Vader in a lightsaber fight, escaping the deadly Sarlacc Pit three times, and eventually becoming leader of Mandalore.
Play Style: Fett is a character primarily focused on fighting from long distances. By using his jetpack to stay away from his opponent, Fett can easily keep his distance while attacking them with projectiles or throwing them around with his Fibercord Whip so they can't come after him. While his normal walking speed is slow, his jetpack greatly increases his mobility, helping him get out of bad situations as he needs to.
Entrance: Fett flies down on his jetpack, and slings his carbine of
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 3 0
Fakemon: Coal and Sandstone Badges by icycatelf Fakemon: Coal and Sandstone Badges :iconicycatelf:icycatelf 22 2 Lincoln Embarrassed by Emmet's Softness by angel1985 Lincoln Embarrassed by Emmet's Softness :iconangel1985:angel1985 6 0 Super Weapon by totalgymvssonic Super Weapon :icontotalgymvssonic:totalgymvssonic 14 3
Death Battle Moveset: Wolverine
Biography: Born in the 1800's, young James Howlett ended up awakening mutant powers after watching his father get murdered in front of him. Using these abilities, James, taking the alias "Logan", would serve in multiple wars, with his healing factor keeping him alive and at his physical prime. He ended up being taken in by the Weapon X program, which bonded an indestructible metal called Adamantium to his skeleton and erased his memories in hopes of turning him into a living weapon. However, Logan escaped, and ended up joining a team of mutant superheroes called the X-Men, where he took the code name of Wolverine.
Play Style: Wolverine is exclusively a close-ranged, rushdown character. With his incredibly high movement and attack speed, Wolverine is meant for rushing down his opponent and hitting them with flurries of ferocious attacks. His natural quickness makes him hard to hit, but Wolverine's low defenses means he can't take very many hits before he goes down. His lack of range als
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 2 0
Prelude: The Mechanical Marvels
Alys: It's always been the dream of man to learn the secrets of life. To create a machine so advanced, it can become its own living being.
Reyna: Of course, as any sci-fi novel will tell you, that doesn't always work as expected. Sometimes you wind up with an omnicidal killing machine bent on destroying all life, and sometimes you wind up with the perfect fusion of man and metal.
Alys: Ultron, the cybernetic terror of Marvel.
Reyna: And Cyborg, the Justice League Techie of DC. She's Alys and I'm Reyna.
Alys: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Reyna: In the year 1921, the term "Robot" was first used by Czech Playwright Karel Kapek. Lucky for him, it's caught on over the last century, and now when we think of robots, we think of advanced machines that do pretty much everything for us.
Alys: Well... not everything. After all, superheroes are still responsible for saving humanity time an
:iconsoul-of-landale:Soul-of-Landale 13 15
Death Battle: Ultron VS. Cyborg
Alys: Alright, the combatants are set and we've run the data through every possibility.
Reyna: Let's end this debate once and for all. It's time...
Both: for a DEATH BATTLE!!!
That was all that could be seen across all of New York as a massacre occurred. 
Wherever you looked, there was only carnage, the sounds of naught but explosions and screams. What could have happened to reduce such a grand city to this apocalyptic wasteland? The answer lied in the man... nay, the machine currently laying waste to it all. Surrounded by its own armies, this machine bore a humanoid appearance, but its features were anything but human. Its entire body was silver in color, with lines of red energy running through its many segments and a "Face" made of holes that glowed red like the fiery pits of hell itself. The only article of clothing it wore across its robotic body was a red cape, flowing in the flames.
Ultron, the mechanical terror, was waging a one "man" war, accompanied by
:iconsoul-of-landale:Soul-of-Landale 22 15
Love's In Bloom - Wallpaper [MLP] by AntylaVX Love's In Bloom - Wallpaper [MLP] :iconantylavx:AntylaVX 30 1 (Bronycon2019) An honer to meet a lovely princess by kuren247 (Bronycon2019) An honer to meet a lovely princess :iconkuren247:kuren247 64 7 Wonder Woman by WalkerSousa Wonder Woman :iconwalkersousa:WalkerSousa 8 0 MLP Vector - Coloratura #33 by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - Coloratura #33 :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 96 5 MLP Vector - Coloratura #49 by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - Coloratura #49 :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 154 12 IT'S NO USE! by TheInsaneDarkOne IT'S NO USE! :icontheinsanedarkone:TheInsaneDarkOne 108 44 Rainbow Dash Kirin by DoctorKoda Rainbow Dash Kirin :icondoctorkoda:DoctorKoda 37 4 Deadpool by Kamecha Deadpool :iconkamecha:Kamecha 27 0 Cervalces Latifrons Size by SameerPrehistorica Cervalces Latifrons Size :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 35 1
I got 400 points. I'm a hero.

Try take a test: Are you a Hero or an Anti-Hero?
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Robert Jack Burton
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hi. My name is Robert Jack Burton. And I have autism. I was born in June 17th, 1990. I'm a 1/4 German, 1/16 Iroque and Cherokee. My Zodiac sign is Gemini. My Zodiac Element is Air. My Zodiac sign ruling planet is Mercury. My Chinese Zodiac is the Year of the Horse. And My Chinese Element are Fire and Metal. I live in Fowler, California. I'm a high school graduate. I am strong, smart, funny, and kind. I teach life. Everyone with autism like me deserves love, hope, and respect. But I don't want bullies and cyberbullies in this website. And that will be no trolling.

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DC Comics Logo 2016 by JMK-Prime

S-shield by JAMESNG8 Mark of El by JAMESNG8 Keep Calm Superman in kryptonian by KalEl7

"I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always taking care constantly not to break something. To break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment, or someone could die. But you can take it, can't ya, big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerful I really am!" -Superman.

"Superman is as strong as he needs to be" - Superman Home webpage.

"That's not a 'S'. On my world. It means hope." -Superman.

"I'll always be there. Always. It's not the powers. Not a cape. It's standing up for justice. For truth. As long as people like you are out there, I'll be there. Always." -Superman.

"There is right and a wrong in the universe and the distinction is not hard to make." -Superman.

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." -Superman.

"Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul I swear... Until my dream of the world where dignity, honor, and justice becomes reality we all share. I'll never stop fighting. Ever." -Superman.

"You're much stronger than you think you are. Trust me." -Superman.

What would Superman do?

Kryptonians never surrender.

Kryptonians are people too.

Kryptonian lives matter.

Mark of Zod by JAMESNG8 Zod-Shield by JAMESNG8

"Kneel before Zod!" -General Zod.

"Zod always win" -General Zod.

"All shall kneel" -General Zod.

"I win. I always win" -General Zod.

Batman Logo by MachSabre

"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman" -Batman.

White Lantern Logo by derp99999 Superman White Lantern Remake by KalEl7 White Lantern Superman by KalEl7 Batman White Lantern Logo by KalEl7

In Brightest Day, there will be light,
To cleanse the soul and set wrongs right
For those who stand strong in Blackest Night,
A new dawn comes, LET THERE BE LIGHT! -White Lantern Corps Oath.

Venom Logo by JMK-Prime

"Yes. So you will be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won't you? Going down the street. Like a turd. In the wind. Do you feel me?" - Venom.

"WE... are Venom!" - Venom.

"There's no more Eddie! And no more Symbiote! Only Venom!" - Venom

G1 Autobot by JMK-Prime

"Autobots! Transform and roll out!" - Optimus Prime.

"One shall stand, One shall fall." - Optimus Prime.

"Your future hasn't been written yet. No one has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make a good one." -Dr. Emmett L. Brown.

Four rules of Death Battle:

Rule #1: Combatants posses no prior knowledge of each other unless specified by canon or unless.

Rule #2: To ensure a fair fight, all moral restraints from killing are ignored. All other traits are considered.

Rule #3: A character's maximum potential is examined unless otherwise specified. Factors unrelated to characters cannot end the battle.

Rule #4: All official material related to a character is applied unless found contradictory to original source material.



What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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What House of Hogwarts did the Sorting Hat Place You In?
What House of Hogwarts did the Sorting Hat Place You In?
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What Is Your Ninja Rank?
What Is Your Ninja Rank?
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What Ninja Technique Fits You Best?
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Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
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Superman Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 LoisxClark Stamp by NotSoFluent Batman Stamp by LadyNatt Batman Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 Superman Batman Stamp by rjonesdesign Wonder Woman Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 White Lantern Stamp by What-the-Gaff Blackest Night by ImprintMechanic Green Arrow by AnaFrost. Inj2 Doctor Fate Stamp by SamThePenetrator DC Comics General Zod Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Injustice Doomsday Stamp by faolan15 DC Comics Lex Luthor Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Joker Stamp by badtrane Bane fan stamp by ARKENVOODAI Anti Hero Stamp by Dumuzink

Venom Stamp by FireStump CARNAGE RULEZ stamp by firebrando Deadpool Stamp by Sinister666beauty Iron Man Stamp 1 by foreverastone Ghost Rider Stamp by PixleRelish X-Men Stamp by BobTheEgg Wolverine by Stampernaut Captain America Shield Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Hulk Stamp by GangsterMuffin Marvel Comics Thor Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Marvel Comics Hawkeye Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Stamp: Spider-Man by RojoRamos Punisher by Stampernaut Marvel Comics Doctor Doom Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Anti Hero Stamp by Dumuzink

MM Power Rangers Stamp by Nessarie Green Ranger + Dragon Dagger Stamp by laprasking Dragonzord Power Coin Animated Avatar by RussJericho23 White Ranger + Saba Stamp by laprasking Tigerzord Power Coin Animated Avatar by RussJericho23

Autobots Stamp by SweetyTeety autobot stamp by godofallgodofdeath stamp_proud autobot by Nightcathybrid

Stamp - Autism by MauserGirl Autism Stamp by JFG107-Stamps The Autism Closet by TheWickedKid Autism Stamp by callykarishokka Autism Speaks Stamp by karibous-boutique Autism Awareness by RuthlessDreams I support people with autism by OnWingsOfBlue Autism Ribbon Stamp by Decompositions Puzzle ribbon by BlueRavenAngel Difference Between Weirdness And Specialness by British-Prophetess Autism doesn't mean stupid by Galialay autism stamp by rapidograph Autism Awareness by Rankuu Autism Stamp by DyingInMySkin Autistic Adult Stamp by Sanosukeskitten Stop making fun of people with autism by SuperMarioFan65 Stamp: Autistic people are humans by Riza-Izumi Autistic People Are Not Just a Symbol by Mintaka-TK Autism stamp by LittleSatyr
Autism awareness/acceptance infinity ribbon by HDLMatchette

Green by Stampernaut

American Flag Stamp by xxstamps Proud to be American by Wearwolfaa Republican stamp. by slipzen-stamp

GermanBlood Stamp by Kaja-Sinis Request - German Stereotypes by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Russian Empire flag Stamp by RJDETONADOR97 Native American Stamp by Chiminix

Anti-Nazi Stamp by PlayboyCommando Anti-Racism by Keykey Trash The Hate by S3BR4 STAMP: artists against fascism by cyphem

The Theory Of Evolution Stamp by JessicaCasciotta88 +I.Heart.Darwin+ by Feathers-of-Love I Support Darwin by SusantheMartian I understand evolution by G-manluver Darwin Stamp by GaWd3Ss Evolution Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Friend Of Charlie Stamp by jessiesheram for the win by stormbound 8DDD by EZbreeZ Darwin--AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub Evolution, the truth by Akhnaton-II Evolution is a fact by Akhnaton-II Biology Stamp by Tandenfee [Stamp] Science by Creepiest Physics Stamp by SSJMihoshi DNA Stamp by SailorSolar Smart Stamp by DJKibyKat High School Graduate Stamp by Ja-Fraulein Class of '09 Stamp by Skarlet-Raven

DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics

Atheist Stamp by ImaArtist Atheist Stamp by anastasia-black Atheist is Not a Bad Word by stampystampy Goth Does Not Mean Satanist stamp by KathytheGoth I am an Atheist by paramoreSUCKS Atheist Stamp by dakazi Atheism Saved My Life by DonkeyRapinShitEater Atheist and proud by Misterstix66 Atheists have lives too by FluffyFerret97 LETZ TEECH RELIJINN IN SKOOLZ by Geth-VI There is no main religion, okay? by World-Hero21 Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :thumb606569692: Dude, There's A Difference by RS-Kyra Look up Atheism before you throw this one at me. by Catthylove Atheist Doesn't Equal Satanist by n0-username Stamp: American Atheist by 8manderz8 Commission: Atheist Stamp by MadKingFroggy - Stamp: Peace, Love, Atheism. - by ChicaTH - Stamp: In SCIENCE we trust. - by ChicaTH Conservative Atheist stamp by Bubsby

gay rights by Girl-just-let-go-200 Support Gay And Lesbian Rights by Cackleberry I Support Same Sex Marriages by Cackleberry

Gemini Stamp by RSR-Productions Mercury stamp by Undevicesimus Spirit Stamps: Air by gaianchild stamp: god Hermes by StephDragonness

Chinese Astrology Horse Stamp by Loki-Dokie

Spawn by Stampernaut

- Konoha - by Naruto-Stamps All 9 Jinchuuriki Stamp by BloodlustBakura Friends - Naruto Stamp by Kaorulov [Stamps] Naruto and Kurama by otakuTV Clan: Uzumaki by IcyOwl Uchiha Stamp by RavenluvsSesshomaru

Star Wars by madeofneon Gray/Grey Jedi by Bearzeus Light Side by Cubist-Assassin64 Dark Side by Cubist-Assassin64 I Use The Force Stamp by Caddielook Green Lightsaber Fan by RyanPhantom Darth Vader stamp by HappyStamp

DEATH BATTLE Stamp by MetaKnightFan17

Anti Cyberbullying Stamp by jlj16 Equality for All by Aedem Stop the Hate by Aedem Spread LOVE not HATE by ShadowStarEXE Bullying by Aedem A.B.G. Support Stamp by Tentenmari Sick of Haters Stamp by MyStamps Against Harassment stamp by ZamieCat Cyberbully is not FreeSpeech by atoorganization Anti-cyberbullying stamp by atoorganization Im Mature... Stamp by SubjectSkyley Anti Fetish Requests Stamp by TotallyDeviantLisa Hatred towards dA members by ChikitaWolf I support peace by RainbowGrin Anti-Bullying Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Sick of Hate Stamps by yotaka Negativity Stamp by SitarPlayerIX Stamp Stop Domestic Violence by Sophia-Christina Stop Violence Against Women by Sadiya Trolling is Immature by Purple--Unicorn Hate Art is Immature by alaska-is-a-husky I am a FIGHTER - stamp by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX


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