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Random from Creepypastas

[Creepypasta]-Why I Hate Scarecrows
I hate scarecrows, I have ever since I was little. I found something about the dolls stuffed with straw to be unsettling. I remember my parents tried to help me get over this fear by telling me things like "they're not scary, they only want to be friends" or some other lame line to get me to lighten up. When I got older, my fears started to fade. Scarecrows still weren't my favorite things in the world, but they weren't the nightmare fuel they used to be. This all changed, after the events that took place last Halloween.
It was almost the weekend before Halloween and my friends were planning on hosting a party at one of their apartments.
"You should come, Jo," My friend Dennis said one morning before classes "exams will be taking over our lives soon, so might as well have a little fun." I tapped my fingers on the side of my to-go cup before taking a sip of my latte.
"You're acting like nobody has parties during exams." I retorted "I'm sure I won't be missing much." I was never r
:iconlostwight:LostWight 54 18
[Creepypasta] - Would You Like to Feed the Birds?

I had always loved this one cemetery ever since I was a little girl. Not only were the grounds beautiful, but the cemetery itself was absolutely massive. I always imagined it as a fantasy world, or a gateway to a totally different dimension where the souls of the departed could spend their time before moving on to the next life. The one thing that I loved most however, were the birds. Back then, my father and I would go there to bird watch from time to time, just to catch a glimpse of the birds in this gorgeous habitat. I even had my own set of binoculars with the name “Evelyn” taped to them.  
“Why are there always so many birds here, Daddy?” I remember asking.
“Well, Evy,” my father answered, “It’s because of all the trees.” I know this wasn’t the real reason, but I’m sure my father figured this would be enough to satisfy a 8 year old.
“Is that it?” I asked, unconvinc
:iconlostwight:LostWight 62 12
[Creepypasta] - Cinema

Fleur Breckenridge Academy is closing this October.
It was with heavy hearts that the faculty of our elite establishment announced the permanent closing of our beloved Fleur Breckenridge Academy. Over the last two years, we have been fighting to keep our school’s name from being dragged through the dirt. However, only so much could be done once our reputation was tarnished by one word: murder.
Fleur Breckenridge was once highly regarded as one of the most elite schools in the entire country. It boasted an exceptional education with a rigorous curriculum and was made famous by a student body consisting of the sons and daughters of high society. After the events that took place in September of 2014, Breckenridge began seeing a decrease in incoming students. After this last year’s incoming class, it became clear that our once illustrious academy would not be able to keep filling seats for the future.
On September 22nd, 20
:iconlostwight:LostWight 51 8
[Creepypasta] - Cinema (The Letter)


When I first saw your piece featuring the body of Ivy, I was awestruck. Never had I seen beauty displayed in such a breathtaking fashion. Who knew the death of a fellow student would make me feel something I never had before. Jealousy. I know you had every intention of killing me. So why didn’t you? Why did you choose not to immortalize my beauty when you told me I was to be your greatest creation?
I don’t intend to aid in your capture. If anything, I’d like you to continue with your work uninterrupted. What I want to know, is what I mean to you. I’ll be outside the city tonight at 10pm, standing at the edge of the bridge. At 10:30, I jump. I can’t swim. You will explain yourself and tell me everything I want to know, otherwise your supposed masterpiece will be lost forever.
:iconlostwight:LostWight 28 10
CreepyPasta: The Wight
My grandmother would always tell me ghost stories when I was young boy. She would tell me why I would always wake up at 3am with a heavy weight on my chest, or why I would hear the walls creek in the winter. Now that I’m older, I know that these stories of hers could be explained with things like sleep paralyses or the heat coming on in an old house. But there was one story she told me that I have yet to debunk.
“Never wander off alone on a cold winter night” she would say. To anyone with half a brain, this should already be obvious for many different reasons, none of which are supernatural. However, when she continued with her cautionary tale, the consequences were not what you might have expected. “For if you stray away from your family and friends, you will fall victim to the snow and HE will find you.”
“W-who?” I asked in a shaky voice.
“He who breaths tainted life into what has long since perished. The necromancer who lives beneath t
:iconlostwight:LostWight 39 9
The Truth About Ani (Margaret's Story)
I’m slowly losing my mind. It’s been snowing in town for over a month non-stop. School was cancelled and nobody is on the road. I feel so trapped and helpless. Everything came to a head yesterday... when I saw her.
Anastasia Morozov, or as we all knew her, “Ani”, had been missing for about a month now and nobody could find any trace of her. Steven told me what happened that night in the mountains. How he and Jake just left her in the woods, all for some stupid prank. Here I was thinking she got kidnapped, or mauled by a wild animal. But no. The truth, or what I believe to be the truth, is a million times worse. Last night, I had been talking with Kate over the phone about the incident. There was not much else for us to talk about honestly. We had been stuck in our houses for so long, we were sure our minds were slowly deteriorating. She told me how every night she would hear a voice just outside her window, but that was all it was. Just the voice of a girl sayin
:iconlostwight:LostWight 30 9
I'm Sorry (Steven's Story)
I can’t keep this to myself anymore. I need to tell someone what happened that night. For your own safety, you have to listen to me. If you are thinking of taking a camping trip into the mountains this winter, don’t. Please. Don’t even ski. If you do, stay with your group and leave before it gets dark. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Jake.
My Name is Steven Miller and I was one of the five campers . You know the ones. If you haven’t heard about it on the news yet or in in the paper, let me fill you in. Myself, my girlfriend and three of our friends went camping in the mountains about a month ago. Only three of us came back. One of the girls, Anastasia and her boyfriend…my friend…Jake, were both killed. I know everyone who knows the story thinks Ani just disappeared. She didn’t. Just thinking about what happened makes me sick. We were on our way to watch the fireworks in small clearing the girls had found earlier that day. Everything was fin
:iconlostwight:LostWight 21 2
Lost in the Snow (Kate's Story)
It's 3am and I still can't sleep. Actually, I haven't been able to relax at all since we got back from our camping trip. My mom keeps telling me that I'm still in shock from everything that happened, but I disagree. Don't get me wrong, I gag every time I think about seeing Jake's body, and the thought that Ani could have suffered the same horrible end makes me want to break down in tears. But, that isn't what's keeping me up. Before I get ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning. Maybe you'll be able to see what I mean.
"You're sure you have everything?" my dad asked as he helped stuff the last of my bags in the car, being careful not to drop anything in the snow.
"For the one hundredth time, yes" I answered, slightly irritated. My mom reached into her coat pocket and pulled out the car keys.
"We're just worried, Kate" she said handing me the keys, “camping during the winter is a whole lot different than spring or summer."
"Mom, It'll be fine. We've all done our research
:iconlostwight:LostWight 23 3
You Can't Trust Everyone: Origin of Eyeless Jack
November 6th, 2015:
Oh boy. I’m not really sure how to properly start these types of stories, but, I’m going to try to get to the point as fast as possible. See, I’m kind of on a timer here. I’m currently writing this on one of the computers in the library at my college. As I type, I feel like I’m being watched from the shadows. I know it sounds crazy, but I need to get this story out somehow. Nobody here will believe anything I say. I’m falling behind on all of my schoolwork to the point where I might be put on academic probation. I also got fired from my part time job because I was scaring the customers. Anyways, I want to at least do SOMETHING so I can tell myself this was all worth it. Even still, it might not even matter in the end.
Last year, I met a guy named Jack Driscoll. He was a pretty chill dude for the most part, and we actually became pretty good friends. My name is Ethan by the way, and I’m currently finishing up my senior
:iconlostwight:LostWight 65 20
Wurmz: I See You Too
My name is Andy, and I’m afraid of my computer.
Before you start making assumptions and think I’m crazy, let me try my best to explain why.
The internet is, for better or worse, a pretty big place. I already knew about things like the dark web and those haunted video game cartridges, and, to tell you the truth, they didn’t scare me all that much. Hell, I even found myself poking around the dark web back in college as a way to kill some time. I didn’t find anything really, just a bunch of weird illegal shit.
Anyway, as someone who spends a solid 80% of their time in front of a computer screen, I’ve obviously had to deal with my fair share of viruses. I’m usually very good about keeping my antivirus software up to date and regularly scanning my computer. There was one day, however, that I ran into something strange.
 One morning around 4am, I woke up to sirens outside of my apartment. There had been an accident involvin
:iconlostwight:LostWight 42 13
Wight: Welcome to the Stream
It seems like everyone nowadays wants to be a famous youtuber or twitch streamer. I mean, that’s the dream, right? Make a living playing games or doing something else that you love. It’s easy for those of us on the outside to watch videos and streams and not really think about the hard work and dedication that goes into them. After all, the people we’re watching are usually all having fun! Something I certainly never considered…
Were the consequences…
I had recently started watching a streamer by the name of Wight. She wasn’t terribly well known, but she was still new and her following seemed to be growing at a steady rate. Wight would always greet everyone with a bubbly “Hey guys! Welcome to the stream,” before playing one of the many games she had in her arsenal.  She always wore the same, long, silver wig coupled with her signature cat ear headphones. Even though she wasn’t as popular as other female streamers, she did have
:iconlostwight:LostWight 25 16

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