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Hugs? by LostSoulMalachi Hugs? :iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 38 25 Random Toss by LostSoulMalachi Random Toss :iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 7 16 My Little...Samantha Taylor? by LostSoulMalachi My Little...Samantha Taylor? :iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 7 30
AStR Chapter 8
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 8: Without a Paddle
Once again the Screaming Gophers were ahead by 2 campers, now that Tyler was gone. The next day, Chris mentioned the campers’ next challenge, which was in itself a series of 3 different challenges. First, the campers were to paddle canoes across the lake to “Boney Island”, which was supposedly haunted. Then, they would portage their canoes across the island to the other side and build a rescue fire to be judged by Chris, after which they would have to make their way back to the initial beach. Chris also took the time to mention one very important thing: “Legend has it that if you take anything off of Boney’ll be cursed forever!”
Beth had been in the restroom, and emerged after the rules had been explained. “What’d I miss?” she asked, to which Chris replied, “Canoes.”
Cody: Chris told us to pick a paddle partner. It was time for me to
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 3 10
AStR Chapter 7
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 7: “Phobia Factor”
Sadie was still utterly devastated by Katie’s elimination, and had to be dragged off of the Dock of Shame. The Killer Bass sat around the bonfire, when suddenly the Screaming Gophers walked up to them. Courtney said, “What do you guys want? Come by to rub it in?” Trent answered, “We got some extra dessert after our tuck shop party. Thought you might want some.” Beth held up a plate with green gelatin on it, in the middle of which was a gummy worm. Courtney responded suspiciously, “So, what? You’re just being...nice?” Gwen replied, “Okay, Owen stank up our cabin and we need some time to air out.”
Beth offered the gelatin to Courtney, who drew back sharply and said loudly, “NO!” Then, she added, in a softer voice, “I mean, no thanks. I’m good.” Duncan said, “What? Are you on a diet or something?” Courtney said in response, “No! I just don
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 3 2
AStR Chapter 6
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 6: Camping Out Is Hard To Do
With Justin gone, both teams were tied as far as the number of campers remaining. The campers’ next challenge was a survival challenge: They were to spend one night in the woods, and the first team to return for breakfast won invincibility. Chris also took a little time to warn the campers about the possibility of encountering bears.
Katie and Sadie took a slight detour from the rest of the Killer Bass to eat some blueberries, but by the time they were finished, their team was nowhere to be found. They soon became lost, and got into a nasty fight. At last, they ended up in a cave, where they realized that they didn’t really mean all the mean things they said about each other. They also feared that they were going to die.
Owen brought back fish for the rest of the Gophers, who were all too happy to accept it—all except Heather, of course. To their amazement, not to mention their outrage, a pizza was delivered...but
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 4 0
AStR Chapter 5
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 5: The Talent Extravaganza!
Noah the know-it-all was gone, though the Gophers still held an advantage as far as numbers went. The next morning, Lindsay bemoaned the fact that she was already out of fake tan, when their “beauty sleep” was unceremoniously interrupted by Chris’s voice over the loudspeaker.
The campers were assembled at what appeared to be an outdoor amphitheater. Lindsay said, “Oh, are we going to see a musical? I LOVE musicals, especially the ones with singing and dancing.” Jordan snickered slightly to himself.
Jordan: Okay, I think Lindsay’s a nice girl and all, but sometimes I can’t believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth! *laughs* Seriously, she’s so dense, light bends around her.
Trent saved Gwen a seat next to him; Cody sat on the other side of him, trying to emulate Trent’s posture in an attempt to impress Gwen. She di
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 2 1
AStR Chapter 4
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 4: Lords of Dodgetown
Two straight losses left the Killer Bass at a disadvantage as far as the number of campers, but the campers could barely keep themselves awake after their last grueling challenge. Chris walked into the lodge where he found Duncan on the verge of passing out. “Duncan, dude, you look like crap,” Chris laughed, to which Duncan replied, “Shove it.” According to Courtney, Harold’s snoring made it difficult to sleep. Chris said, “Wow! Four nights with no sleep? How bad are you hurting, dude?” Angrily, Duncan growled, “Wanna find out?” Chris assured him that it was cool, and at that moment Harold walked into the lodge. The campers stared at him, which he misinterpreted—they were actually giggling at him. As he sat down, he couldn’t take not knowing what was so funny any more, and shouted, “Okay! WHAT?!” Geoff whispered, “Someone messed with your face, dude.” Harold gaz
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 2 0
AStR Chapter 3
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 3: The Awake-a-thon
Following Ezekiel’s ejection from the competition, each team’s members headed back to their respective cabins. The next morning, they were woken up bright and early by Chris, who lined them up outside. Many of them weren’t too thrilled to be woken up at 7:00 in the morning. Eva was busy listening to her MP3 player, which, Cody learned, she was fiercely protective of. More specifically, when he reached for it to take a better look at it, she almost bit his hand off.
Heather seemed to have slept well, surprisingly; this was good, considering what Chris told the campers to do: They were to complete a 20-kilometer run around the lake. Eva growled, “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Chris replied, “A little.”
Courtney: Okay, that girl Eva has GOT to get a handle on her temper. She’s only been here one day and she’s already thrown her suitcase out a w
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 2 1
AStR Chapter 2
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 2: First Challenge and First Elimination
Once the campers had reached the main lodge, they were served lunch. Or, rather, what was expected to be lunch. It didn’t look all too appetizing. The “food” was served by a sneering, muscular man with a faded yellow shirt, white apron, chef’s hat, and dark pants. This was Chef Hatchet; he would be responsible for preparing the meals for the campers, who quickly discovered that he didn’t take too kindly to people who insulted his cooking. The campers sat down at two large tables; Jordan was able to secure a seat near Izzy, and she didn’t seem to have any negative reaction to that. At least he hadn’t done anything awkward yet, he thought. The campers began discussing their teams and the opposite team, as well as getting to know one another a little.
After a while, Chris announced the teams’ first challenge. They were to dive from a tall cliff into the water below. They were aimi
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 2 7
AStR Chapter 1
A Summer to Remember
Chapter 1: Eight Weeks of Fame (Or Shame)
Jordan smiled softly to himself. He was definitely going to enjoy the next couple of days, he thought. He had nothing to do, which meant he could create his audition tape for the new reality show he had heard about, “Total Drama Island”. Setting up a video camera, he combed his hair and brushed his teeth, wanting to look his best. As he pushed the record button on the camera, he gave a gentle smirk. He addressed the camera as he would address a regular person.
“Greetings!” he said. “The application form said I’m supposed to tell my best quality; I suppose that would be my personality. I try my best to get along with everyone, though I’ll admit it hasn’t always worked out.” He chuckled and added, “As for why I want to be on TDI, I think it’ll be a cool chance to get out of the house, not to mention it will hopefully allow me to make some new friends. And don’t think
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 4 2
The Aroma of Roma, pt. 15
The Aroma of Roma, pt. 15
After a few minutes, we had returned to my—well, OUR house now, and I unlocked and opened the door. Immediately, Audrey ran upstairs, shaking the house with her bulk, and unpacked her things in the guest bedroom in which she had previously stayed. When she returned, she almost instantly picked up the smell of food again; I had begun fixing up an extra-special breakfast, as a way of welcoming the skunk girl to my home, this time to stay. 20 minutes or so later, the preparations were completed, as well as the food, and upon seeing the amazing spread, Audrey began drooling; bacon, sausage, biscuits, pancakes and such were obviously included, as well as eggs and ham. To top it off, we also had an ample supply of water, orange juice, and soft drinks which we always kept close by. We agreed on one thing: there was no sense letting all of this go to waste. “Let’s eat!”
Almost as soon as we reached this consensus, we had begun eating; as always, Au
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 13 33
The Suspicious Servant, pt. 3
Sanura Shani and the Suspicious Servant, pt. 3
Normally, Sanura would have dealt with giant snakes with relative ease, but due to her weakened state, the task became considerably harder. Nephrus laughed darkly to himself as the snakes slowly drew closer to Imhotep and Sanura. “You don’t stand a chance against my magic! Surrender, and turn the kingdom over to me!” Imhotep shouted, “The great Sanura Shani would never turn her kingdom over to a vicious tyrant like you!” He turned to Sanura, as though for confirmation of his words.
The goddess’s belly groaned loudly, and she nodded. “Y-yeah, what he said! *urp!*” Nephrus just chuckled. “What choice do you have? Your goddess is poisoned, and only I have the antidote. So you have no option other than to do what I say.” Angrily, Imhotep took a step forward; one of the giant snakes hissed viciously, and the advisor stepped back in fear. “I won’t let you stand in my way any longer. And
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 10 6
The Suspicious Servant, part 2
Sanura Shani and the Suspicious Servant, pt. 2
When Sanura heard the word “poison”, she turned white as a ghost. “P-poison?” she stammered. “Why would anyone want to poison ME?” Imhotep sighed and replied, “Who knows? The only thing that’s certain is that that...that Nephrus fellow must pay. Please, try to get some rest, Sanura; I’m going to find out more about this man, as well as the poison he tainted your drink with.” He then left the temple, leaving only the uncomfortable Sanura behind. Her stomach gurgled violently, and she felt as though she were going to be ill...
Imhotep made his way to the kingdom’s library and quickly approached the front desk. “Excuse me,” he said, to which the librarian at the desk responded with a sharp “Shh!” Imhotep groaned quietly and whispered, “Listen, this is important. I need to get some information on well as the most current census of the kingdom.” La
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 12 2
The Suspicious Servant
Sanura Shani and the Suspicious Servant
The blistering sands of ancient Egypt. A time of warriors, magicians, pharaohs...and gods. A kingdom, nestled snugly in the heart of the Egyptian desert, flourished. This kingdom was called Scarab Spitz, and it was relatively small. However, it did have a guardian. A powerful being watched over them...when she wasn’t asleep, that is. An advisor to this guardian entered the temple in the heart of the kingdom, only to be greeted by loud snoring. This was how just about every day started for him. He ventured into the darkness, calling out, “Great goddess Sanura Shani, arise and hear the call of your people!”
The next sounds he heard were a few sleepy snorts, as whatever being the advisor addressed slowly awoke. A voice called back to him, “Ugh, Imhotep, it’s so early... Can’t I sleep just a little more?”
Imhotep shouted, “Most certainly not, you lazy cat. Now get up and do your job!” A bright light shone
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 11 59
Big Bad Wolf pt. 10
Big Bad Wolf, pt. 10
When Wendy got home that evening, she was still remembering all of the weirdness from the day. Her stomach still hurt from where Alastor had scratched her, and she hoped his attacks hadn’t caused any internal bleeding or serious injuries... Too tired to think about it too much, she walked up to her room, flopped on her bed, and fell asleep.
The next day, she decided to try to find some more “complacent” prey—that is, prey that wouldn’t try to fight back. She decided to hit up the farm nearby; that way, not only would she get a good meal, but she wouldn’t come upon Alastor, whom she’d been trying to avoid running into. Despite her feelings of friendship toward him, she felt that the skunk was more trouble than he was worth. She headed downstairs and out the door, looking forward to a nice breakfast.
Pretty soon, she came upon the farm she was looking for. Several pigs were milling about in a large pen nearby, and she licked her lip
:iconlostsoulmalachi:LostSoulMalachi 10 77

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