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Zatanna and a Couple of Boobs in Color

Here is the color version of my recent Zatanna, Blue Beetle and Booster commission! I had a lot of fun coloring this, but I couldn't have pulled this off without some brilliant suggestions from Steve Downer :iconsdowner: Thanks for the advice, Steve!

Hope you all enjoy!

See the black & white inked version here!

UPDATE: This illustration made COMICS ALLIANCE'S "BEST ART EVER" feature!!
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Ha! I love it, hot pair those two. I mean, I liked Booster Gold as male. But he's gorgeosu as either sex :)
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At first I thought this commission was a bizarre request, but once I started drawing it, it was so much fun to do!  Thanks!
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XD I might commission you for something, I pair my OC Vanessa with Booster all the time.

How much for a pic, where he sees her changed into a dude?

Think you could pull that off, or not accepting right now?
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Just came upon this... Hahahahahaha!
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Glad it made you laugh!
I like the boobs on "Skit".
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Yeah.  They're just funny on her...
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This seem like a situation the two would get into. Excellent job also.
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It really kind of does, doesn't it? lol
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Great work! Reminds me the character desing from the old batman animated serie! Lol! I loved this serie! :-(
LostonWallace's avatar
Yeah, I used to draw kids books in the BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES style for DC Comics back in the late '90s, :iconbdec:
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Colored boobs are the best boobs
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Still think this should be made canon. Lol.
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Would probably be a hit!
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Even better in colour!
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You're welcome!
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I miss reading comics now <3
I love the textures in the background and the incredible use of colours in this.
Darn, I'd wish I could colour like this :)
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Thanks!  The textures were done with a piece of old tube sock dipped into the ink and then stamped on the board.  I first masked off all the figures with removable tape, which doesn't tear the paper. 
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Thanks! I've been working on my digital coloring recently.
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