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Here is the inked image of THE X-FILES' FBI Agents Scully and Mulder! Drawn with an HB pencil on 500 series bristol board. Inked with a #2  Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Red Sable brush, using Speedball SuperBlack India Ink. 

The X-FILES television series is currently being shown on the El Rey Network. I have the DVDs, but sometimes I'll watch an episode or two on tv anyway. It's a great show! :)  Any fans out there?
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Great work !!!! So happy to see some fanart of my favorite pair.

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I am very late to the party on this, but, AMAZING work!  Being a fan of the show, and apparently having found a TON of good references, makes a GREAT difference. I think this is one of maybe a handful of M/S drawings that hit the actors faces dead on.  You have a new Watcher, sir.
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Awesome! I love this show.
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Great art! Instant favorite. :) I love X-Files.
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Wonderful! I'm an x-philes since it was aired in Italy, more or less 1995.
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Hey, I never commented on this. I'm the lucky commissioner - great work by Loston!
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Fantastic Inks! Yopu nailed them! How did the IDW gig go? You MUST draw a XFiles book/cover 
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You captured their faces really well cx
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Big fan of the X-Files. Waiting on the next film ( although I realize that day may never come) Great style!
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Thanks!  I hope the next film will be sweet!
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truly outstanding work!
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BEAUTIFUL line work...I'm a new fan to this amazing show and you captured the energy and characters brilliantly!
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Thank you!  It's great to know that the show is still gathering new fans.
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You have an excellent style - it's so crisp and dynamic.
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Thanks!  I appreciate hearing from you!
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You're very welcome :)
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I didn't miss an episode, back in the day. I didn't know of anyone of my generation that didn't watch that show.
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Same here, Antonio! It was must-see Tv.
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Excellently done! I really love your art style. Nice work on the shading here as well. :)
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Thanks so much, YoshizawaArt!
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