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Thing Collage Colors 2

When veteran colorist, Matt Webb, asked me if he could take a crack at doing some "olds school" colors on my Thing Collage, I was pretty excited. Matt was colorist on John Byrne's NEXT MEN in the 1990s, and is the regular colorist on the Monsterverse graphic novel series, FLESH AND BLOOD! Matt told me he'd like to do simple colors using the sort of color palette and k-tones that would have been available on the 1960s FANTASTIC FOUR comic covers, so I told him to go for it! I really dig what he came up with! It's the classic Ben colors from the Lee/Kirby/Sinnott era, and I like how he kept the floating heads simple--like ghostly images from the past! Nice work, Matt!

See the black & white inked version here!
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This one comes out even nicer than the full color, though that one is great because it feels like a classic poster.
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It is my truest belief that you need to get on a project or submit to a project that allows you to use this "Kirby'esque " style that you are so masterful at. If there is not a reboot of the New Gods, Silver Star or Kamandi The Last Boy On Earth, then I feel you would it would serve you to create something of your own to flex these muscles. The style seems to have an impact that flows when you do it. It comes off to the eye tight and effortless, as someones art should look and feel. I think in all the things we have seen in the comics business, there have been way too many people trying to emulate people that hit big for awhile but then the fad passes. I myself would love to see more work based off the stylings of Kirby, Jim Steranko, John Romita. I enjoy every image you post when you are creating these retro pin ups and designs. Great work as always Loston.
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awesome work :)

before even reading what you had below you could get the ghosts off pasts thing about it just from looking at it, was well worth the look ;)
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This does bring it out of the classic look and into a more future time...
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LOVE IT!!!!!!

It's perfect...period. :D
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Looks great as usual. Love the ghost images in the background...great colors.
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   In a day when most digital coloring is an attempt at translating the line art drawing into a sort of airbrush or oil painting using a color palette that might as well be lifted from your average television or movie screen, the use of bright hues is quite a refreshing change!  You and Matt could well have been doing this one for Stan back in the day.
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Thanks! I hope you'll continue to post comments on my gallery pieces!
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Now that is awesome!!! I love the classic Fantastic Four comics. Stan,Jack, and Joe were at their peak during that time. You've captured that feeling perfectly.
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Thanks a bunch, Eric! Great hearing from you!
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I agree, the white-blue shading on the heads really adds a nice "zing" to this piece (which was good even before the colors were added, but now it's, well, fantastic!)
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Thank you so much. I like the ghostly head images too!
just so damn stunning!
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Thanks, Steve! Pretty neat, eh?
yeah! looks like it right outa the Kirby run between FF 's #60 and #100.
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What a collaboration!
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Thanks, Simone! I like it as much as I like Steve's more modern take: :thumb291323005: Two different schools of thought at play, but both are very sweet!
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Thanks, Mark! Really appreciate hearing that you like it!
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This is awesome, I think the ol' school still has more to show... :clap:
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