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Just drew this for fun early this evening. I only saw a few episodes of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, but I enjoyed it back in the day. Just thought I'd draw the Venkman and Egon for the helluva it. They're not really on-model or anything, but I had fun drawing them from memory. Hope you enjoy.

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best show ever!! Very good, Two of my favourite characters ever!!!
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I really like! and that's from memory?
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" I aint afraid of no ghost."
Something strange in the neighborhood? Who you gonna call?
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Wow, man, that's pretty DARN good for being only from memory, even if you had watched the show religiously instead of only a couple of times.
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I remeber that show man that takes me back, who ya gonna call?????
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Nicely drawn! I'm loving their expressions.

Ghostbusters rule.
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If you need help drawing the Proton Packs and the Neutrona Guns themselves, I know a few places with pix that would help.
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Man, I just got done playin the Genesis copy of GHostbusters and I'm goin crazy waitin for the new-gen came to come out. And I KNOW I'm gonna squeal like a schoolgirl when the movies come out on Blu-Ray.

More Ghostbusters pix :D
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ANNNNNNNNNNNNND the new movie too. :D CANNOT wait. :D
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The new movie is still speculation. Not much to go on for that.
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Enough to be excited. :P
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It's just scuttlebutt, When I hear it from the mouth of Aykroyd, Ramis and or Reitman, then I'll go nuts.
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Fair. This is the closest to anything 'official' so far. :(

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Still sounds like scuttlebutt.
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I miss Slimer.....
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That is great from memory.
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"Where do these stairs go? "

"They go up."

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"Ray ... when someone asks if you're a god, you say YES!"

Who you gonna call?
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