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ELVIRA Summery Page 1

Here is the title page from "SUMMERY JUDGEMENT" a story I pencilled from an issue of ELIVRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK #113, back in 2003. This page was inked by comic book veteran, Bob Wiacek!

I worked from a script that contained panel descriptions, but no dialogue. When I got the pages from this story back from the publisher, I was really surprised to see how many balloons were used in each panel of this story. That Elvira is some talker! LOL. El comics were known for their witty banter, and Richard Howell delivered on this one. It was a very interesting story. If you see ELVIRA #113 in the back issues bins, be sure to check it out: [link]

Hope you enjoy the page! More to follow soon!
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Sassy & cute ELVIRA .. just right for comics .. Adios Amigo !!
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Thanks Loston!, I've the "Elvira" song in my head since I seen these lol =P great work btw
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I'm pretty sure I have this one. Nice!
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Thanks, Huwman! That was a fun issue of El! Nice to hear from someone who read the comics!