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DUNGEONS and DRAGONS: Beneath The Cellar Map

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Many people who know me know that I'm a professional comic book artist and illustrator.  I used to do illustrations for the roleplaying industry from 1996-2000. I've been a role playing game since 1984, and, like many rpgers, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS WAS the first game I ever played.  I'm still playing it!  I am a DM (Dungeon Master) and I make my own maps for the games I run.  I thought I'd share one of these maps with you.  This map is hand drawn on printing paper. I pencilled it loosely, then inked it with Pitt Artists Pens.  The numbers on this map were added digitally via Photoshop.  In the scenario I ran, one of the local inns hires the party to investigate a strange situation. One of the serving maids had gone down to the cellar to retrieve a keg of ale from the stack of barrels lying against the far wall.   One keg rolled off of the top of the pile, and smashed into a stone wall, which partially collapsed, revealing a set of stairs leading into the darkness below.  Fearing that the stairs was leading to one of the many abandoned mines in the area, the innkeeper hired the party to explore below the cellar. In my game, the players stumbled upon an ancient Drow settlement.  So why did I draw Goblins on the map, you ask?  To throw the players off of course.  I always draw things on my gaming maps, but I seldom draw in creatures that are actually going to be used in my games.  Strictly for decoration purposes. lol. I hope you enjoy seeing this freehand map, and if you're a gamer like me, I invite you to use this map in your own games.  Just remember where it came from, and keep my name credited on it. Cheers!
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Beautiful Loston.  I have drafted many a D&D map and never nearly approached this quality.  You truly are a pro.  

~BoS (Cleric or Fighter most o the time...)
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Appreciate it, Damon! I love drawing.  No matter what kind of drawing, I do my best to have fun with it, and strive towards excellence. My players really dig my maps, which harken back to the glory days of AD&D 1st edition!
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Thank you!  You're the best!
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I've never went there...But I love you man...Your Tops as far as Comics and Games I recon..:)
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Aw shucks, dude!  I appreciate it so much, buddy!
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That's fantastic! Really takes me back to 4th and 5th grade when I started playing D&D. I'm a writer now and I think that's where I first started thinking about characters and stories. This really takes me back.
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I'm so happy to hear that!  Life was so much fun back in our childhood days!  I'm glad I could transport you back there for a few brief seconds!
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This is a awesome map for D&D.
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Glad you like it!
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I do like seeing this :)
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Fantastic!  Thanks for letting me know!
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You're welcome :) Kinda makes me wish I had people to play with, but I haven't played since 3.5 :XD:
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Very 80ish, great atmoshpere :)
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I'm not a big fan of the digital maps with all the textures and color.  I'm all about the traditional maps that are clear to read and look at!
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Very cool Loston! I'm thinking about getting a game going this Summer and this is inspiring.
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I'm glad I could inspire you!  That's really awesome. I hope you have a great time this Summer!
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Beautiful! Wish I had just a portion of your drawing ability to make maps like this.
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Hey, thanks!  It helps that I've spent 43 years of my life drawing so far.  Practise makes perfect.  This was a fun map to draw. I came up with it step-by-step, and then I shaped an adventure around it. 
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