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Batgirl Beyond

I'm getting caught up on some commissions this week. Here's one of them--"Batgirl Beyond"--featuring Melanie (AKA "10" the Royal Flush Gang) as Batgirl. This was done for a very nice DA customer. I really enjoyed drawing this one, but the I really had fun doing the colors. :)

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wanted her to end up with terry so bad, i actually really liked her and their romance was super interesting. Boy was she sexy
313ghost's avatar
She badder then Dana ever was
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It would've been to see a new Batgirl in Batman Beyond, but sadly, the mantles of Batgirl and Robin were buried after what the Joker did to Tim 
Bertramerf's avatar
Those curves wow  
HidaAtarasi's avatar
Not nearly enough screen time. If the Beyond storyline were fleshed out adequately she'd make an interesting rival love interest.
ZaKazi440's avatar
is it dana or Melanie???
Omnipotrent's avatar
Riddle me this, how'd she get Terry out of the suit ;)
Burke23's avatar
Isn't it obvious? She asked politely
TiarnanDominusAdonai's avatar
She deserved so much more than the two and a half episode time that the show granted to her. Stupendous job on the coloring and line work. One could almost mistake this for being from the actual show. Salute!

- Take Care, Beannacht De Duit
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wonderful, do more pls
Lightspeed042's avatar
Woah, snap! I CAN'T believe they never did this idea for the series!
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I really would've loved to see this in an episode
JokerHarley2345's avatar
This has to be a favorite of mine. I loved that series, and I wanted to see more of Melanie and Terry together. Great Concept.
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Batman beyond was awesome...They explain why they stopped making them on there site.
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I love this updated retro stuff. Brings back a better Yesterday.
vytina's avatar
This is beautiful!! Excellent work here...I think her pose is one of my favorite parts of this piece...not that the whole thing doesn't look amazing!! The background is a great touch to the overall look! Well done! :D
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I actually did some comic role play with a friend of mine and I created a Secret, Twin sister of Melanie who became Batgirl in the Beyond Series. He did Lucius Fox's Grandson taking over the role as Phantasm. LOVE the blond Batgirl, though I could be partial. lol. Great work man. Serious Love.
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I’m generally a Melanie Walker/Ten fan, I even have my Two-Face as her Lover and here's the [link]
thebunnyman's avatar
Man, I miss that show. Awesome work, Loston!
Wow, superb work Loston. Shes one of my favorites on the show due to her controversial relationship from both sides.

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Yeah, that's why I liked her character too, alugilac. Her unique situation between the forces of good and bad made her a very appealing and interesting character.
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