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DA Meme and Featuring

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 15, 2009, 10:16 AM

Hello ! I saw this meme on Vyrhelle-VyrL's journal and since I'm not an artist and have no friends on DA (oui, je fais mon calimero, laissez moi faire mon calimero T^T), I decided to stole it, nah ! And at the same time, I decided to give a skin to my journal, since I'm a subscriber.

Here is the meme...

Why did you join this site ?
    Why not ? Il wanted to see deviations, fav and comment them. Well, I do not comment so much but I fav a lot XD

What does your user name have to do with you? Is it a combination of your favorite things, or a character of yours ?
    This is an old pseudo of mine, I took it after reading a novel by Amelie Nothomb, intitled Antechrista, and it sounded cool. But now, I only use the nickname 'Christa, wich is what is left when you take a huge knife and cut "antechrista" in two. So the single quote is a part of my pseudo and have a real meaning XD

What is your current icon of ?
    It's from an art CaptainBerunov has made for me, and represents Zacharie, one of my two dears Princes of Ataraxia XD Deux princes by CaptainBerunov

How many watchers do you have and how many people are you currently watching ?
    I'm watching 47 people, while 35 people watch me... 35 ? Why are those 35 people watching me, I wonder ? I'm not really an artist after all XD

Do you have more than one account ?
    Nope, I would'nt need it.

Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.

What deviant do you admire because of their personality ?
    CaptainBerunov, even if I don't know her very much, she always seems so enthusiastic... ^^

How many people on here do you actually know in reality ? Post their avatars.
    :iconevolvana: :icondulcamarra: and :iconruthanie:, but I only met them once in my life XD

Do you comment, fave, or both ?
    As I said before, I fave a lot, I comment sometimes ^^

What do you typically post on deviantart ?
    I think my "art" belongs to the "customization" category... So it is wallpapers, covers, etc... Except I don't post a lot of things ^^'

Do you participate in clubs or contests here on DA ?
    Nope ^^

What is your most popular deviation ?
    The World of Heise, blue version : The World of Heise - blue by Lostmindy

What's your favorite submission in your favorites gallery?
    I don't know, I love them all T.T I'm gonna pick one of my favourites... ... Prince Zacharie by CaptainBerunov :heart:

What are the things you wish you could draw better ?
    I don't draw XD

Are you a subscriber ?
    Yes I am, since this summer if I remember correctly. Some kind of impulsive decision XD

How many hours a day do you spend on DA?
    Too much. One hour or more, I think. More on WeekEnds

Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
    Fast in french, medium in english, I think.

What is your favorite emoticon?
    :heart:, since it's the only one I can remember the name XD

What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
    "Where did you find this art ?" about my Heise walls >.< I found those on DA, or on Heise blog, and if they have been removed since I got them, It's not my fault.

What is the most annoying comment you get?
    I don't have annoying comments... I think '__'

What inspires you?
    Manga, music, movies. And I'm talking about writing inspiration ^^'

Do you use any traditional media?
    Nope. I'm not even sure what's the meaning of "traditionnal media". Since I write my stories on my computer, I don't think so :b

Do you associate people online with their icons ?
    Of course XD

Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation ?
    Nope. I don't even know how it works ^^'

Everyone has considered leaving DA once or twice. Have you? Why?
    I didn't XD I know about the annoying DA policy, but I'm not one of those who could be annoyed, so...


Since I don't do anything useful with my Deviant Account, I decided to feature artists I like on DA... More exactly, to talk about them and show some of their arts.

First of them is :iconcaptainberunov: ^^

Since when do I know her ?
Well... Two years ? I don't remember. I never remember T.T

Why do I like her ?
Cause she's drawing in various styles, and her sketchy style is the one I like the most (whith lines everywhere). Her art is very dynamic. Moreover, her project (Les larmes du temps, si je ne m'abuse), is very interesting, and I took a liking in her OC Amadheus Stinger XD
And she is funny and make funny comics.
And she likes Metal Gear Solid.
And she drew my OCs :heart:

How did I find her Deviant Account ?
She was making Bleach Fanarts on Goten Seishin, a french forum about...Bleach XD I liked her work and then I went on DA to watch her...

What did I learn from her (everybody have something to teach, even if they don't know that XD)
I discovered Sergei Dragunov from Tekken, and I came to like him XD Which is strange because I don't like fighting games x_x

Now let's feature !

Ange corrompu by CaptainBerunov Le Destructeur by CaptainBerunov Le Protecteur by CaptainBerunov Tu peux pas test Amadheus by CaptainBerunov Oh snap by CaptainBerunov Tomatina guy by CaptainBerunov :thumb123258812:

And feature again :b

Na mais j'ai froid moi by CaptainBerunov Na mais il parle quoi by CaptainBerunov Phone Assault by CaptainBerunov Spetsnaz Assault by CaptainBerunov I AM DA EVIL ONE by CaptainBerunov

And to conclude : Amadheus Stinger is mine :heart: (Until he blows my head up, yeah, he's the kind of man who DOES NOT have fangirls... cause he destroy them before the can hug him making "kyaaaa" noises *fear*)

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CaptainBerunov Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Christa, je t'aime :heart:
Lostmindy Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009
MDR, moi aussi XD *hug*
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