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Yes it seems that I have some deviant friends that think about me sometimes ;_;

Tagged by :icondulcamarra:

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1. You must put this rules
2. Every person mut post 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 question and write 10 new questions for the next person
4. You must chose 10 people to tag
5. Go to their page and tell them you tagged them
6. No "If you read this you're tagged" tagging.
7. You must tag 10 persons

• About Me •
1. I'm afraid of darkness.
2. I can't watch a movie without hiding my eyes when the characters embarass themselves.
3. I'm awfully messy in real life, and yet terribly maniacal about the ordering of my computer files.
4. I don't know how to cook except pasta, rice and pancakes. So I don't cook. Yeah, meals tends to get a little bit boring after five years of the same stuff every week.
5. I'm suffering from a serious depressive disorder. But I think I'm starting to feel better.
6. I'm an asexual. I don't really feel sexual interest toward people. I'm not frigid though, being asexual is not a disease.
7. I'm a mysoginist, but I'm still "attached" to the fact I'm a female. It's just I can't stand women, because they are evil (men too, but women are a special case)
8. I can't lie, that's almost a physical restraint on me. But I have a really bad memory so I suppose it's the same as lying.
9. I believe in God, but I don't believe in religions.
10. I'm self-conscious. AWFULLY self-conscious. Can't talk to people without feeling ridiculous, whatever I'm saying.

• Questions I've been asked •
1. What time is it ? Please look at your computer clock to see the answer ;)
2. Are you afraid of spiders ? You know I am ! Disgusting horrible little things with too many legs.
3. What is the Universe ? That's a serious question. Let me check on wikipedia... It says it the name of a music album ! But according to Edward Elric, the universe is me. And you. And the rest.
4. Do you believe in ghosts ? Not really, never seen one.
5. Do you like Pokémon ? I loved it when I played the red pokemon game, and it was years ago. Now I'm not into it at all XD
6. Name three of your favourite artists. If you mean Deviant Artists, the choice is (still) very hard... I'd say :iconcaptainberunov: :iconyuumei: and :iconpika-la-cynique:, but there is also doubleleaf, Orpheelin, Vyrhelle-VyrL and a lot of others. How could you ask me to make a choice ? >_<
7. Do you wear glasses ? Yes, I am.
8. What do you like: short hair or long hair, for women ? I always like short hair.
9. Coffee or tea ? None of them, I don't like water with a weird taste. Milk for the win (even though I can't really digest it well. Life is unfair.)
10. Abstergo or Assassins ? Assassins, of course (Ezio ♥) (And Shaun ♥ ) (And Desmond ♥ ) (And no, I'm not into shipping, go away, yaoists !)

• Questions YOU will answer: •
1. Do you have a regret in your life ?
2. What is your favorite food ?
3. Do you like travelling ? If you do, where would you like to go ? Or where is the place you liked the most ? And why ?
4. Take the book you're currently reading (or the last book you've read) and write the two or three first sentences, and the title of the book.
5. By the way... Did you like it ? (the book from question 4)
6. Do you have one of these gadgetophones everyone has nowadays, except me ? Will you give it to me ?
7. What's your favorite video game ever ? If you don't play any games, mention your favorite book ever. If you don't read either, get out of my page.
8. Wich season of the year do you prefer, and why ?
9. Do you collect something, like stamps for instance ?
10. Do you read webcomics ? Tell me about it.

Hard to find 10 people to tag, since I don't really have friends ^^' But there isn't any "no tag back" in the rules, so... hehehehe x)
:icondulcamarra: :iconevolvana: :icongandalfleblond: :iconluinil-azuretoile: :iconsweetsnail: :icontresadenn: :iconokunisensei: :iconkoori-jmc: :iconviddharta: :icongulby:
And that makes 10 ! Yes, I know, I cheated x) (dans le cas de Koori en particulier avec son compte à l'abandon depuis six ans...)
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Haha le point 10 du "about me" je connais très bien XD j'suis tellement comme ça aussi.
J'suis contente de lire que tu remontes la pente <3