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I really wonder what is the point of those Hetalia fanfics titled MachinxReader. And more than that, why are they ALWAYS on the first page =_= Most of them aren't even good (like 95% of fanfics to my opinion)

No, really, I will never understand how a fangirl (or fanboy) works.
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NaNoWriMo starts this thursday. I have a plot (more or less), but not enough characters and I'm still trying to define the universe.

But still, I'm ready to write.

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I know I shouldn't be surprised since the site is called DEVIANT art, but these times I often find disturbing pictures on the main page (favourites from the last 8 hours). It's annoying enough not to be able to "turn off" some categories I don't want to see (especially the "artistic nude" ><), but there is always that "fatties fandom" (huge and fat females), "vores fandom" (giantress gulbing anything, especially humans) and now "ticklish fandom". Not to mention the classic "huge boobs fandom". And they are all related more or less to sex... Well, even if sex is not exactly depicted, you wouldn't convice me it's not some kind of weird* sexual fantasm, mostly towards females (I don't care if the artist is female herself).

Despite my "young" age (I'm not even 30) and my seemingly oversexed environment, I'm not obsessed with sex (it would be more right to say that I'm not interested), I can't even comprehend why it's taking so much place in the life of others. I cannot understand the "you need a man" remarks (mind your own business dammit !). I cannot understand why we should be feeling something by looking at men (or women) parts (A butt is a butt, that's NOT sexy). I cannot even understand why you would miss sex so much to go PAY for that, or even to sleep with strangers or friends just for sex. I'm not frigid however, sometimes I have some sexual needs myself, but if I need to look at something sexual I wouldn't go on deviant art =.= And if I don't feel the need (and that's the point of what I'm writing), I'm mostly disgusted when I see everybody fantasms displayed like that with no manners. Yes, I'm pretty attached to manners.

I like nice erotic art, but for the "nice" part (that can be artistic, funny or whatever...), not the "erotic" part (you know... the ones making people say "those boobs !", "nice pussy", "I wanna do dat ass", etc, sorry I don't know the comments toward males). I even like obviously fandom oriented arts (with a character usually 'normal' being depicted in a very sexy situation) as long as it's nice and fun (like Doubleleaf yogurt nights, even thought I'm not exactly moved by the sexyness in these, but by the quality of the fanarts XD). But in much art displayed here, the "erotic" takes a lot more place than the artistic parts. The comments themselves can be especially... out of place, I already have seen some kind of erotic roleplay between an artist and one of her followers (It was about her butt and his instrument), in the comments of a picture. I'm not against erotic roleplay, I myself have done some but... Not on DeviantArt, dammit !

Why is everybody so obsessed like that ? What's the point ? Is that some kind of animal instinct urging them all to breed, breed and breed again ? Or are they junkies who can't live without sex or sex thoughts ? Or maybe some kind of manipulation through art telling us all to think sex and nothing else ? WHY ? T_T Why can't I have a nice main page of DA where there is just beautiful (and less beautiful) art, funny webcomics and strips, and whatever that's not oversexualized ?

* Yeah, I said weird, but well as long as you don't impose them to me I don't care about what your fantasms are (not my business), so don't call me intolerant, I'm not.
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J'ai remarqué que certains autres "Premium Members" avaient pu changer le nom de leur compte, donc j'ai fini par trouver l'option moi même o@ J'ai donc enfin mon "pseudo officiel" sur DA plutôt que ce vieil "Antechrista" datant de mes jeunes années XD

Faudrait vraiment que je me remette à faire quelques trucs sur ce compte, mais j'ai pas le temps U^U
J'update parce qu'il faut, histoire qu'on ne reste pas au tag pendant 500 ans, et j'en profite pour signaler que je vais tenter de participer au National Novel Writing Month, là, à partir de ce soir. Dans la mesure où j'ai une motivation extraordinairement vacillante, je ne sais pas si j'en viendrai à bout (50 000 mots à écrire en un mois), mais au moins j'aurai essayé XD Souhaitez moi bonne chance !

I'm updating 'cause I don't want my DA-page to display this the previous journal forever, I since I'm here, I can proudly (really ?) say that I'm gonna try the National Novel Writing Month. I'm not sure that I'll succeed to write 50000 words at the end of November, but I'll try at last. Wish me good luck !

Voilà voilà. I'll make a journal skin for this one later.

Let's create something

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 11:58 AM
Since I have a premium membership, I should use this to create something I can do : Journal Skins. I'm not a good writer, not a graphist, not a drawer (quoi, un tiroir ? :3), I made some wallpapers which aren't pretty good IMHO, but whatever, I'm only using my premium membership to escape the ads and see more new deviations on the DA home page.

So, since I'm a little bit of a webdesigner (webmaster would be better, I have a long way to go before becoming a real designer ;_; ), let's try making journal skins.

Et je me demande bien pourquoi je me fais chier à écrire en anglais alors que la majorité de mes rares watchers sont francophones, et que ceux qui ne le sont pas ont cliqué sur "watch" juste parce qu'ils ne lisent pas les commentaires accompagnant mes créas et n'ont donc pas compris que non, ce n'est pas moi qui ai dessiné les personnages sur mes wallpapers & co @_@

Au fait, je vous avais dit que j'avais un chaton ? Bah je vous le dis. Je l'ai depuis septembre 2010 si ma mémoire ne me trompe pas, et je ne posterai pas ses photos sur DA, ce n'est pas un blog =_=

Bref, vous risquez de voir apparaître plein de journals (oui, oui, journaux, c'était pour voir si vous suiviez) intitulés "test" ou "wouhou" ou "journal skin" ou je ne sais pas trop quoi, mais c'est normal, juste le temps que j'arrive à bidouiller un truc potable. Enjoy !

Edit : Voilà déjà un premier essai bien barbare pour voir un peu les bugs classiques ou pas (a noter que ce n'est pas compatible avec les navigateurs antérieurs à Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 ou Chrome 10, pas mon problème si vous êtes pas à jour)

Le dessin est de Vana X3 (Evolvana)

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Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 4, 2011, 11:44 AM

Wait, my last journal entry was also about new year O_o

Well, happy new year again, for 2011 this time. One more to go before the end of the woooorld o@

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Happy New Year !

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2010, 6:08 AM

Yeah, yeah, been a while x_x Winter is the season I hate the most, I always feel very depressed during that time. Now is not an exception =_=

But since I'm currently brooding (don't know if it's the correct english... whatever.), let's do something a little more constructive. I mean, featuring, like the last time.

Featuring a dev'artist

This time I want to tell you about an artist I discovered a few months ago. It's Pika-la-Cynique, she's not an illustrator like most of my favourite artistes but a comic author.

Since when do I know her ?
A few month ago... well, less than six months.

Why do I like her ?
I favourite a lot of french-speaking artists, and she is one of them. Well, she draws fan-comics about characters I didn't know first, but which I learned to like. I still need to discover some of the characters in their original background, though. I like how her english is very pure (by my point of view, I don't speak english well enough to be sure of that XD) and how she is using french for her french-speaking characters, but not too much. And of course, I love her comic Girls Next Door XD

How did I find her Deviant Account ?
One day, I found some illustrations about Good Omen on Deviant Art. Since I didn't know that book, I searched for more info (and more art too). Then, I found her O.O

What did I learn from her (everybody have something to teach, even if they don't know that XD)
Well, she is the one who made me discover Good Omens. Well, one of those who did. And now, I want to know more about this Jareth. And Erik. And *SCHPAFF* Well, more than that, I learn english by reading comics, after all. This is a good training ^^

Now let's feature !

Good Omens - Green Fingers by Pika-la-Cynique GND91 - ROOFTOP DRAMATICS by Pika-la-Cynique Crossover Depp-ression by Pika-la-Cynique
GND Speshul - Christmas cards by Pika-la-Cynique GND55 - Sssslash, anyone...? by Pika-la-Cynique GND21 - Uninvited - part1 by Pika-la-Cynique

Even if you don't know the characters, they're still funny. And by reading, you learn to know them and their background. And of course, google is your friend. And whatever : EPIC LOL :XD:

And of course, Happy New Year to all my non-existent (or very very few) readers & watchers ^^

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DA Meme and Featuring

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 15, 2009, 10:16 AM

Hello ! I saw this meme on Vyrhelle-VyrL's journal and since I'm not an artist and have no friends on DA (oui, je fais mon calimero, laissez moi faire mon calimero T^T), I decided to stole it, nah ! And at the same time, I decided to give a skin to my journal, since I'm a subscriber.

Here is the meme...

Why did you join this site ?
    Why not ? Il wanted to see deviations, fav and comment them. Well, I do not comment so much but I fav a lot XD

What does your user name have to do with you? Is it a combination of your favorite things, or a character of yours ?
    This is an old pseudo of mine, I took it after reading a novel by Amelie Nothomb, intitled Antechrista, and it sounded cool. But now, I only use the nickname 'Christa, wich is what is left when you take a huge knife and cut "antechrista" in two. So the single quote is a part of my pseudo and have a real meaning XD

What is your current icon of ?
    It's from an art CaptainBerunov has made for me, and represents Zacharie, one of my two dears Princes of Ataraxia XD Deux princes by CaptainBerunov

How many watchers do you have and how many people are you currently watching ?
    I'm watching 47 people, while 35 people watch me... 35 ? Why are those 35 people watching me, I wonder ? I'm not really an artist after all XD

Do you have more than one account ?
    Nope, I would'nt need it.

Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.

What deviant do you admire because of their personality ?
    CaptainBerunov, even if I don't know her very much, she always seems so enthusiastic... ^^

How many people on here do you actually know in reality ? Post their avatars.
    :iconevolvana: :icondulcamarra: and :iconruthanie:, but I only met them once in my life XD

Do you comment, fave, or both ?
    As I said before, I fave a lot, I comment sometimes ^^

What do you typically post on deviantart ?
    I think my "art" belongs to the "customization" category... So it is wallpapers, covers, etc... Except I don't post a lot of things ^^'

Do you participate in clubs or contests here on DA ?
    Nope ^^

What is your most popular deviation ?
    The World of Heise, blue version : The World of Heise - blue by Lostmindy

What's your favorite submission in your favorites gallery?
    I don't know, I love them all T.T I'm gonna pick one of my favourites... ... Prince Zacharie by CaptainBerunov :heart:

What are the things you wish you could draw better ?
    I don't draw XD

Are you a subscriber ?
    Yes I am, since this summer if I remember correctly. Some kind of impulsive decision XD

How many hours a day do you spend on DA?
    Too much. One hour or more, I think. More on WeekEnds

Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
    Fast in french, medium in english, I think.

What is your favorite emoticon?
    :heart:, since it's the only one I can remember the name XD

What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
    "Where did you find this art ?" about my Heise walls >.< I found those on DA, or on Heise blog, and if they have been removed since I got them, It's not my fault.

What is the most annoying comment you get?
    I don't have annoying comments... I think '__'

What inspires you?
    Manga, music, movies. And I'm talking about writing inspiration ^^'

Do you use any traditional media?
    Nope. I'm not even sure what's the meaning of "traditionnal media". Since I write my stories on my computer, I don't think so :b

Do you associate people online with their icons ?
    Of course XD

Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation ?
    Nope. I don't even know how it works ^^'

Everyone has considered leaving DA once or twice. Have you? Why?
    I didn't XD I know about the annoying DA policy, but I'm not one of those who could be annoyed, so...


Since I don't do anything useful with my Deviant Account, I decided to feature artists I like on DA... More exactly, to talk about them and show some of their arts.

First of them is :iconcaptainberunov: ^^

Since when do I know her ?
Well... Two years ? I don't remember. I never remember T.T

Why do I like her ?
Cause she's drawing in various styles, and her sketchy style is the one I like the most (whith lines everywhere). Her art is very dynamic. Moreover, her project (Les larmes du temps, si je ne m'abuse), is very interesting, and I took a liking in her OC Amadheus Stinger XD
And she is funny and make funny comics.
And she likes Metal Gear Solid.
And she drew my OCs :heart:

How did I find her Deviant Account ?
She was making Bleach Fanarts on Goten Seishin, a french forum about...Bleach XD I liked her work and then I went on DA to watch her...

What did I learn from her (everybody have something to teach, even if they don't know that XD)
I discovered Sergei Dragunov from Tekken, and I came to like him XD Which is strange because I don't like fighting games x_x

Now let's feature !

Ange corrompu by CaptainBerunov Le Destructeur by CaptainBerunov Le Protecteur by CaptainBerunov Tu peux pas test Amadheus by CaptainBerunov Oh snap by CaptainBerunov Tomatina guy by CaptainBerunov :thumb123258812:

And feature again :b

Na mais j'ai froid moi by CaptainBerunov Na mais il parle quoi by CaptainBerunov Phone Assault by CaptainBerunov Spetsnaz Assault by CaptainBerunov I AM DA EVIL ONE by CaptainBerunov

And to conclude : Amadheus Stinger is mine :heart: (Until he blows my head up, yeah, he's the kind of man who DOES NOT have fangirls... cause he destroy them before the can hug him making "kyaaaa" noises *fear*)

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Mine !

Sun Sep 6, 2009, 4:23 AM

English version
Hello everybody !

Been a while since my last journal update, but since I'm not one of those wonderful artists everywhere on DA, I suppose that's not very important XD

Two (or was it three ?) months ago, I requested a commission from Vyrhelle-VyrL, and gave her the choice between three of my characters. She choose the main character of my novel, Lucié Hitokiri (Yeah, this name sounds strange, but "Hitokiri" is a false name), and she made a piece of art, I'm HAPPY /o/ *dance dance*

So, if you're curious about it, you can see it here :…

Version française
Je me demande pourquoi je persiste à faire un journal en anglais quand je doute fortement d'avoir des non francophones qui le lisent XD

Bref, tout ça pour dire que ça fait un bon moment que je l'avais pas mis à jour, mais vu que je suis loin d'être un de ces monstres qui m'entourent sur Deviant Art, ça doit passer inaperçu.

J'avais demandé une commission à Vyrhelle-VyrL (ou Vyrhelle-comm) lorsqu'elle a ouvert sa dernière session il y a deux, trois mois, et je lui avais donné le choix entre trois de mes persos. Au final, elle a choisi le personnage principal de mon *kof!* roman, Lucié Hitokiri (Certains n'aiment pas son prénom, d'autres se demandent d'où sort ce "Hitokiri". C'est juste un faux nom, ça passe mieux auprès des autorités que s'appeler Lucié tout court :b). Et elle m'a fait un dessin absolument fabuleux, telement fabuleux que je suis tombée sous le charme de mon propre personnage :heart:

Et pour ce qui est du rendu, ça donne donc ceci, et c'est beau, je suis contente o/

Other Deviants

:iconluinil-azuretoile: :iconevolvana: :iconokunisensei: :icondulcamarra: :iconcaptainberunov: :iconruthanie:

Favourite Artists

:iconcaptainberunov: :iconheise: :iconpandabaka: :iconjennaris: :icongoku-no-baka: :iconauroreblackcat: :iconhito76: :iconponcy-rogue: :iconarehandora: :iconeeriefaery: :iconlasaro: :iconazhrarn: :iconslinkers: :iconorpheelin: :iconeychanchan: :iconoceanlord: :iconphenix-land: :iconsaphyrr: :iconvyrhelle-vyrl: :iconvirus-ac:

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Thoses times on DA I can see some of my favourite artists being censored by Deviant Art or almost insulted by other users.

Seems that's some of Deviant Users like to badmouth people, denounce them or pester them by posting badmouthing journals and insulting comments. Oh, yeah, there is some trolls which only pleasure is to making other people completely mad by looking desesperately stupids (you may have heard of them by reading the Encyclopedia Dramatica), but also some pretentious and ignorant people who like to meddle in other people business.

Well, one of my favourite artists decided to leave DA after seeing how stupid 75% of Deviants Users can be (especially an american one, you know, those who sue for anything, are totally addict of guns and don't even know the capital of their own country OoO), but some are saying that's a lack of respect O_O OOOKAYYYY... So since they are on DA, they have the OBLIGATION to stay and draw/create for people who don't care a little bit about their privacy ? Well, it would be a good reason... to leave DA.

I'm not an artist, and even if I'm a writer, I won't publish my work here, 'cause I don't like how things can be here, with the strange DA policy (some artists can see their wonderful deviation deleted for a flash of breasts, and you can still see ugly nudity photography, I'll never understand that =_= ), and those trolls everywhere, but I'll never understand why some trolls open a journal for denouncing another artist, "oh yeah, xxxxxxx is a bad artist, he/she did this and that, go pestering him/her it will be sooooo useful and intelligent, and if you don't agree, I'll block you an erase your comments because your opinion is shit"

Well, I'm a misanthropist, I don't like people, and more I don't like those who follow other opinions without thinking, just by hypocrisy ("Oh, yeah, you're totally true, this artist sucks, and I love your art, by the way, do you make free comissions fo friends who support you ?")

I don't CARE about reasons of leaving or whatever, what I see is deviations erased after anonymous - of course - denounciations, people who points at other people saying they are wrong (well, even if they are, it's none of your business), wonderful deviations erased because of supposedly too mature contend when you can see erotic and bloody art everywhere on DA, and it's sometimes just porn, not art.

Yeah, Deviant Art is a mess. Like the rest of the world.

Oh God, whatever you are, hurry up, we need the end of the world, quickly. All that stupidity make me sick, mine and everyone stupidity.

Et j'ai la flemme de traduire tout ce bordel en français, je dis juste que DA et une bonne partie de ses utilisateurs sont une bande de crétins finis UoU (Moi y comprise, parce que je réagis bêtement à la provocation en postant ce journal, mais j'avais besoin d'un exutoire et... un peu plus de connerie ou non, bah au final, ça revient au même)
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.:::::::::::::::::: TAG Number 1 ::::::::::::::::::.

Well, I was tagged almost four months ago and it seems that I waited enough now XD So let's start with this :

The rules ---------------------
You were tagged! I thought about you for this tag because I like you. Feel free to do it as you want and when you want. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year^^

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must put 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tagged ones should write a journal about these facts.
4. At the end of the post tag 8 more deviants
5. Go to their page telling them they're tagged.
6. No tagging back.


Okay, 8 random fact about myself, let's think about it...
1 - I'm a girl but I totaly hate girly things (you know, fashion, hairstyle, make-up, talking about how cuuute is some boy, or how stupid/hideous is that girl)
2 - But I still like bishonens, kawaii things, and stuffed animals
3 - I don't draw very well, but I like writing (and I play RPG Forums)
4 - I like RPG games, but also violent games like Devil May Cry *o* And also Metal Gear Solid, and Prince of Persia. I never met real girls which has the same taste. Except on the internet.
5 - So I dislike real girls, but I like virtual ones who like REAL video games, REAL reading and REAL writing XD What will happen when I meet one of them ? (I already did. And it was truly nice ^_^)
6 - thoses "REAL" in the last point mean that I don't consider Harry-Potter-Only-Reading-Experience as a taste for reading. Same for writing (I hate clichés and bad spelling) and video games (playing sims is NOT in my taste)
7 - I'm a moaner. Nothing seems to please me XD But those things (which I may like) exist !
8 - I think english food is one of the worst things I ever met in my life. Please, even if you dislike french people, try at last to learn from them how to cook and eat ! x_x Buh !

Now, who should I tag... Since it was OkuniSensei who tagged me, I must tag the other ones, even if they were already tagged XD (Faites ce que vous voulez, pas besoin non plus de le refaire, hein ^^' )

Luinil-Azuretoile, Evolvana, Dulcamarra, CaptainBerunov, Ruthanie...

Ca fait cinq, j'ai pas assez d'amis ToT Je vais chopper dans mes artistes favoris, na T.T

Orpheelin, Saphyrr, Vyrhelle-VyrL (^o^)/

.:::::::::::::::::: TAG Number 2 ::::::::::::::::::.

I was "tagged" by answering OkuniSensei and Luinil-Azuretoile's tag :

The rules ----------------------------------------
The first 10 people who comment on this journal entry will be having me go through their gallery and pick out 3 of their devs and feature them here. In return, you should do the same in your own journal to other people.

So here it is for the first ten who will comment here... I don't dream of more than two T.T

1 . :iconruthanie:………

2 . :iconluinil-azuretoile:
luinil-azuretoile.deviantart.c… luinil-azuretoile.deviantart.c… luinil-azuretoile.deviantart.c…

3 . :iconokunisensei:………

4 .

5 .

6 .

7 .

8 .

9 .

10 .

.:::::::::::::::::: NEWS ::::::::::::::::::.

Nothing interesting about me. I worked on my RPG forum recently by making a lot of modifications, and in the same thing learned how to use php, mysql and other extraterrestrial languages XD

Did you read the last Bleach chapters (up to ch 349) ? Those are absolutely marvelous ! I can't wait for the next one T.T

And I started watching Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) anime. It wasn't so good at first, but now I want answers, and it's very sad sometimes T.T

Rien de passionnant en ce qui me concerne. Je me suis mise à bosser sur la structure de mon forum RPG récemment, et j'y ai fait pas mal de modifications subtiles. L'avantage, c'est que j'y ai aussi acquis pas mal de bases concernant le PHP et le SQL, donc c'est tout bénef pour moi.

A part ça, le dernier chapitre de Bleach (le 349) m'a laissée dans un état de totale hystérie, je veux la suiteeeeee >.<

J'ai commencé à regarder Jigoku Shoujo (La fille des enfers), un anime assez étrange où les gens peuvent demander à la Jigoku Shoujo de se venger pour eux. Les gens qui subissent cette vengeance sont envoyés en enfer, ceux qui ont demandé la vengeance sont condamnés à aller en enfer après leur mort. Au début c'était assez classique (des méchants qui méritent d'être punis, de pauvres innocents qui demandent à être vengés), mais maintenant c'est devenu beaucoup plus complexe et c'est parfois super triste T.T

.:::::::::::::::::: FRIENDS ::::::::::::::::::.

:iconluinil-azuretoile: :iconevolvana: :iconokunisensei: :icondulcamarra: :iconcaptainberunov: :iconruthanie:

.::::::::::: FAVOURITE ARTISTS :::::::::::.

:iconcaptainberunov: :iconheise: :iconpandabaka: :iconjennaris: :icongoku-no-baka: :iconauroreblackcat: :iconhito76: :iconponcy-rogue: :iconarehandora: :iconeeriefaery: :iconlasaro: :iconazhrarn: :iconslinkers: :iconorpheelin: :iconeychanchan: :iconoceanlord: :iconphenix-land: :iconsaphyrr: :iconvyrhelle-vyrl: :iconvirus-ac:
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Bon, ça faisait un moment que j'étais sensée repondre à ce Meme puisque j'en ai été la "victime" consentante sur le journal de :iconcaptainberunov:

.:::::::::::::::::: FRENCH COMMENT'S MEME ::::::::::::::::::.

Commentez et ... :

a) je vous dirai comment je vous ai connu, ainsi qu'une chose ou deux à propos d'une image de votre galerie OU je vous dirai pourquoi je vous ai ajouté à ma liste d'ami.
b) je vous associerai avec quelque chose - une chanson, une couleur, une photo, etc.
c) je vous parlerai d'une chose que j'aime chez vous
d) j'évoquerai un souvenir que j'ai de vous
e) je vous poserai la question que je meurs d'envie de vous poser
f) je vous dirai quelle est, parmi vos images, celle que je préfère

g) En échange, vous devez poster ceci dans votre journal. (enfin, en principe, rien ne vous y oblige, hein XD)

.:::::::::::::::::: NEWS ::::::::::::::::::.

En ce moment, avec mes études, je n'ai plus le temps de rien faire et ça me fend le coeur T.T J'ai l'intention de faire un tas de wallpapers avec les dessins de CaptainBerunov, mais j'ai pas encore eu le temps d'en faire plus d'un T_T De même, j'ai l'intention de poursuivre ma série de walls "The World of Heise", d'autant qu'ils sont les seuls à être favés remarquablement souvent dans ma galerie XD (oui, bon, 45 et 66 ça fait maigre à côté de certains et de leurs 3000 favs, mais je fais partie du commun des mortels, moi, je ne fais pas de miracles ni avec ma souris, ni avec mon crayon T.T)

Je viens tout récemment de perdre un membre de ma famille et je ne sais pas trop comment me comporter avec le reste du monde, d'autant que je suis perturbée par ma propre réaction (soit complètement effondrée, soit complètement indifférente, selon les moments x_X). Je suppose que c'est normal...
A cause de ça, j'ai choppé un rhume (à force de pleurer, toussa...), ce qui confirme l'adage "un malheur n'arrive jamais seul" (quand je suis enrhumée, je deviens encore plus sourde que je ne le suis déjà, ce qui s'avère généralement assez problématique)

Enfin, mettons de côté ma vie personnelle, c'est pas comme si ça vous passionnait ^^" Contentez vous de participer au meme, si ça vous tente, ça me fera sincèrement plaisir d'y repondre, dans la mesure de mes moyens évidemment :b

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Première fois que je me décide à écrire dans le journal. J'ai rien à dire de particulier, mais je trouverai bien de quoi meubler.

Comme vous pouvez le constater, j'ai terminé ma série de jaquettes DVD pour mes jeux playstation. Les Final Fantasy étant en option, je ne les compte pas dans la série ^^ A présent, tous mes jeux PSX possèdent des jaquettes dignes de ce nom.

[ Voir les jaquettes ]

A présent, projet suivant : puisque j'ai un tas d'animes qui traînent, je pense que je vais (essayer de) faire des jaquettes pour mes préférés, en attendant de me procurer les DVDs officiels. J'ai déjà Mushishi en projet. Je voulais en faire pour Last Exile et Ergo Proxy, mais je m'achèterai les DVDs d'ici peu de toute façon...

Bref, vouala o/

Un de ces jours faudra que je prenne des photos de mes peluches. Tout le monde s'en fout mais pas moi :b C'est MA galerie, j'fais ce que je veux avec XD

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