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Inspired by Escher's works. This is a droste effect in gimp, I have a poster of the famous staircase paradox..I'm trying to work on a similar version but Im missing a human silouhette to complete it :hmm: Link to original image…

Dedicated to :iconcorvidae65: an Escher fan like myself :ahoy:
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I love this picture; it seems to go on endlessly!
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Yes glad you like it :)
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Esher, the master of optical illusions, and I love optical illusions. :D That one looks neat. Like a time rift of the Tardis.
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He work is great, thank you :)
This is great. I would love to use this on a clock face.
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Awesome!  Escher fuckin' rocks!  :woohoo:
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Oh I love this! I love thinking about time. It drives me crazy... Time is so paradox and so beautiful... Time seen as a kind of movement is amazing... oh haha I love physics/mathematics ^^

And I love the art of Escher too...

Ohh >_< This is amazing! thank you :) 
Time seen as a spiral reminds me of this:

If we walk a circle we walk a circle in space, but a spiral in spacetime... :P 
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hehe yes I do too, thank you so much :)
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I actually dig this picture a lot. I don't know why but I've always liked these kind of things. It's one of me weaknesses. ;P

*stares at clock; eyes spin; drools* What shall I do for you master??? O___O
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what porgram did u use!? Impossible!
Well i do like the Escher exept the Devilish Triangles of Satan.
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Gimp with mathmap, thanks :)
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i like and Photoshop better. i used to have gimp but the tools shut down for no reason.. don't know why.
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hey, can i have this picture in High Resolution? will be great if possible
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You made it Special!!! :wow:
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Very pleasing to both the eye and the mind.
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