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Celtic shield
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Published: January 4, 2008
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Iron Age, 350-50 BC
Found in the River Thames at Battersea Bridge, London, England, the celts weren't limited to Wales or Scotland.

The Battersea shield Used for ceremonial purposes, made of bronze and red glass with typical celtic circles similar to "la tene" style.

The Battersea shield was not made for serious warfare. It is too short to provide sensible protection. The thin metal sheet and the complicated decoration would be easily destroyed if the shield was hit by a sword or spear. Instead, it was probably made for flamboyant display. The highly polished bronze and glinting red glass would have made for a great spectacle. It was finally thrown or placed in the River Thames, where many weapons were offered as sacrifices in the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

British museum www.britishmuseum.org/explore/…

Celtic shield IV by lostknightkgCeltic shield III by lostknightkg
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Oh no, the the Celts were never limited to England, Ireland, Wales, or Scotland.  They were so widespread that there were Celtic tribes on the European and Asiatic continents. :nod:

If the Battersea Shield was found in the Thames, it might have been put there as a votive offering to a god/goddess to ask for that deity's help against invaders. :nod:
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PictiArtHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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QuechuaAymaraHobbyist General Artist
Magnificent one, I love Celtic works and armor
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Yes they were great artist :)
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HeinztheBlueGiantProfessional Traditional Artist
Truly incredible, that shield of the celts.
The celts are even more interesting and amazing than the romans for me.
Really good!!!
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Agreed they were great artisans too.
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HeinztheBlueGiantProfessional Traditional Artist
No problem.
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I totally back JARM13.  I am not a professional, but I have been researching the Bronze Age for years and our understanding of these things is changing faster than museum text.   I had not thought of the idea of a shield being "used" if it was on the battle field with someone not fighting.  Interesting.
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JARM13Hobbyist General Artist
Obviously who ever did your write up has never used any shields or for that matter studied shields that were used in battle . Because far smaller shields are/were used .Bucklers for example or even a knights heater shield would be smaller . A 30" shield " 77cm " is not a small shield . What you are showing is only the decorative facing from a wood shield .The celt/kelt using this shield would have been fighting from a chariot and this is probably as big a shield as he would have needed or wanted . As for decoration getting messed up , that's the point not worrying about it getting hurt . Going out on the battle field you want your followers to see you and a pretty shield tells others that you aren't afrid of them cause you and your people are going to kick thier butts before they can scratch your shield .That shield sends lots of important messages on the battle field and it's plenty big enough . Just some food for thought .
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It's an article that was copied and pasted straight from the British Museum website before they stopped providing info some months ago. I'm pretty sure they knew what they were talking about and yes the image is a square crop I didn't upload the full image, thanks for sharing anyway!
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JARM13Hobbyist General Artist
Yes , I already knew that . But unlike someone who walks from thier climate controlled home to thier climate controlled auto to thier climate controlled office I have actually experimented with many types of shields against people who were trying to hit me . It seems to be a common problem that people who's only experience with object is wearing acid free gloves "if they are lucky " is that they never recreate it and see how it was used . That's a problem with only being able see something and talk about rather then using it . I have a replica of a Sutton Hoo Lyre that I made , the historians were " sure " it was a harp before someone decided to put a repilca together . Probably a gradstudent who didn't assume they knew everything . They are thinking about the shield like it's an expensive car that you wouldn't want to scratch the paint on when it's actually a expensive armoured tank that if the paint gets messed up it can be fixed later . Surprisily this could well have been in many battles , but if the important person was never engaged , after all he would have had a guards . While it probably was an important sacrafice the owner might been part of it too . It was just as likely a shield that worked in battle .
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mgenccinarProfessional Digital Artist
good description and presentation, i like it.
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Augh ! I visited this museum when I went to London but I was young and got bored so I didn't pay attention... I'm so angry at myself for missing such beautiful things !

Anyway... Gorgeous picture, great example of the beauty of these ancient ages...
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:lol: happens to me too :phew: glad you like it.
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I realy love it)) Wanna see something more
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come to the british museum in london, or visit Scotland, Wales and Ireland, theres lots of beautiful celtic art you can buy there :)
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I can't explain how much I wanna visit all Ireland and UK )) sometime I will do that)
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Yes, we just across the chanel from Belgium, all the best :)
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