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The Perfect Storm #6

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"I'll never forget the first time I saw her."

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i can hear her heartbeat <3

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Snif, snif is this love I sense?
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Huh... I have an OC in one of my stories called Storm Feather. He's a changeling desguised as a pegasus, though. His real name is Storm Blade (which scootaloo teases him, good naturedly, about), but goes by Storm Feather because it sounds more 'pony'.

P.S. Why have I not read this yet? I've been following you for some time. Oh well, I'm reading it now.
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You're the second person who has told me they have an OC named Storm Feather, lol.

I hope you enjoy my little story!
shirotora84's avatar
It does seem like a popular name.
StormBlaze-Pegasus's avatar
oh geez her name sounds like if you shipped me and my sis' OCs together (me StormBlaze, her Featherpaw) 
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Lol, that's funny.
tigreanpony's avatar
Wow, ok that changed everything I'm glad it was somepony else beside RD. It seems Deviant is full of RD fans. Also I can't but think along lines of the joker for the face of storm feather "aww, why so sserious" lol
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Lol, I love how many ppl are expecting to see RD. I didn't plan it that way at all, but now that I look back, it does seem like the story is building up to RD.
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Either she doesn't care and wants to leave or she really wants to impress.
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Lol, one of those.
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Oh wow, it actually /isn't/ RD. I suddenly have more respect for this story.
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Lol...thank you...?
ChaosDrgon's avatar
You're welcome. Always nice to see someone being original..... *suddenly thinks of the numerous, incredibly bad OC's out there mixed in with the good ones* ..... original to a sane extent anyway.
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Haha, and Trees thought the wonderbolts in the first page were serious.
This made looks like she is made of the stuff XD
LostInTheTrees's avatar
YAY Ship till you drop dance 
PonyUniverse's avatar
Why are things always malfunctioning at the Wonderbolt Academy? It's almost like it's cursed.
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Cuz when you mess with weather, you're just asking for it...
PonyUniverse's avatar
I suppose so XD!
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I love Storm Feather's hair-er, mane! :D And her yellow eyes are pretty ^u^
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