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The Perfect Storm #30

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"There was nothing left to do but go home."

Wow...happy 30 pages! As I said before, they'll be coming out quicker now that I don't have any commissions on my plate. 

Spectrum Bolt belongs to :iconsaionixfiction:

Are you enjoying my comic? Please help me out with any donation you can afford! I put out this comic in my free time, and although I love doing it, it seriously cuts into my paying work. Every tiny bit really does help. If you appreciate this little story, please drop me a dollar, it helps me more than you know.

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Dang, it must be cool to have your OC actually interact with Trees!
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Haha, well she's arguably my first real fan and since then we've developed a great friendship. I actually built this whole story off of a conversation I had with Spectrum. She's literally the reason for this comic.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
Ah, well, nice of you to honour her for that.
Scoot11's avatar
Aww poor trees..
SaionixFiction's avatar
i almost cried holyshit
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Lol. Told you it'd be an intense page.
nx9100a's avatar
Stop playing with my emotions!   Can't stand the feels........!!!!

Rainbow sad 
BlueStarBrony's avatar
Ahh I can't stand the wait any longer! lol No JK
Aww that was so sad...I can't let her see me cry...Poor Trees
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Haha, awwww. Don't worry. More coming soon.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
You should set a link for page 1 to make it easier for the readers who want to rewind back to the beginning.
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Oh! I usually do, I'm so sorry I forgot this time.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
It's alright, mistakes happen.
Armbine's avatar
Ha man I was just starting to lose hope even though you did say you were doing the next page but maybe now I have a estimate time when I have to wait for the next page. 
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Haha, oh no no, you will not have to wait that long again. I promise.
R-Doll's avatar
ahhh, this comic is so good even tho there's sadness here X'o
She died and isn't coming back.
CJPfingsten's avatar
Yay! 30 pages!

 MLP Pinkie Pie Emoticon Gif I think it's a good reason for a party.
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Those feels lady! The Feels!Jack's Tears-Jacksepticeye (request) 
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