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The Perfect Storm #22

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Things are definitely heating up...I can't wait for you all to see how it ends. So, as always, I'm extremely broke. On top of the bills I have to pay, I'm trying to get through school and also handle my day job. If you are enjoying this comic, please take a minute to donate a dollar to my paypal. I put this comic out in my free time and I can't explain how much I appreciate any compensation to show your appreciation for a good story. Thanks everyone!

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Dwaaa, it's the sweepy-twitches! So dagum cute, I can imagine how Stormy must feel. You can see it all in the 'I love her so much' look.
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Awww I wish I could donate but i'm too young WHYYY?!!!!! But I do hope that you get a lot of donars :D. Keep up the great work!
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Why do I have to keep finding amazing comics?? Every time I get to the end of one I just want to scream! GGAAHH! >~< Moar!
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Hahaha, I know the feels. The next page should be out soon.
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I've been reading this comic since the beginning, and I love it!
And I would totally donate if I could. But sadly I cannot. I really hope you get the money you need to continue the comic though!

-Raven <3
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Thanks! I'm definitely finishing this comic, no matter what.
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great mlp fan comic MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy 
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too bad it is not April fools day 

would have said 

she goes out into storm, discord gives her a raspberry (he is the perfect storm... of chaos, lol ) 
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Lol, I like that.
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open a patron 
do live stream (and record, there are free programs that allow you to do both at the same time) of you making this comic while giving tips and trick on art (your process and all that stuff) and/or tutorial stuff 

post to YouTube also post to YouTube sped up version for quick tips/tricks/tutorial lessons 

maybe patrons gets first dibs on views? 

it is what i gonna do eventually once i get good at what i am doing 
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That sounds like an awesome idea! I'm going to look into that.
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do research first though
also see (if you have to ) what rewards you can offer (make sure you have time to deliver) and what others offer 
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Everyone is loving that panel, I guess it's pretty damn cute.
Why this always a lesbian relationship is stupid
You know what fine be a bloody sadistic person fer what I care
Okay fine whateva it just a though people and whatever u may think this is offensive. Then bloody hell stop thinking this an insulting commet.

I only just want to say an opinion to the story here. 1st commet is just a joke, it wasn't that serious.
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Don't call me "kid," I'm 25 and from the sound of it, you're acting like you're 12. This is a story about a relationship, and it really has nothing to do with the genders of the two involved. Don't ever make the connection between "lesbians" and "cliche's" again, go learn something, grow up, and please check your grammar and punctuation. It's sad.

P.S. I get more pussy than you could handle. How's that for a lesbian cliche?
Fine whatever! I clearly don't give a flaming hell about this shit anyway!
Plus when I type something that is literally a joke, I actually meant it's a fucking joke!

How about u just call it off then huh? Plus u starting to put this argument as my fault. Hey I dunno but have you looked in the mirror lately and see how mad u are.
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