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The Perfect Storm #12

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"We spent that day playing hooky in Ponyville. It was easy to forget we had only just met."

Can you find all the cameos??

Summer Skies and Wingbeat belong to me,
Scarlet Moon belongs to one of my faithful watchers, :iconcagedwolfspirit:
And of course, my favorite demonic creepy pony, Kamira, belongs to :iconacidiic: 

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i've always loved wordless panels <3

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Should I be worried about that unicorn preforming that dark ritual in the background?
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Buy some apples!
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What?! Flirty-faces already! I mean, I liked them, and I really like those two, but why the flirty faces now? I wanted it to come to this a bit slower... I dunno, that's why I enjoy books more than comics I guess. I kind of like slow build up and a long amount of words just to describe a building. Still love 'em two, and can't wait to see how far this can go since we short-cutted a little. Sometimes, when a good point is quickly hit, you'll know that that isn't the real meat of it, but something more!
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I'm very flirty. I flirt with just about every girl I have contact with.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
You know somethin'? I swear every single time you reply I get another drop of your personality. I can literally write a fic about Trees one day just by typing to you.
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Hell yeah, man, don't hold back, only way to live.
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that was a date wow
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Damn right. Trees knows how to woo the mares.
superlink1425's avatar
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I can totally relate to this, cant have a single date without somebody doing a blood ritual in your vicinity, better to just ignore it.
Animatorsnake's avatar
When I saw the 3rd panel I was like "What the hawl!?"
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Lol, that seems to be a common reaction.
wow who the hell is that with the candles 
LostInTheTrees's avatar
Your worst nightmare.....
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
not really. my worst nightmare is kinda similar to Rainbow Dash´s worst nightmare.
she looks rather interesting. im sure she isnt even that mean to others, only to strangers maybe. :)
nah my worst nightmare is a well i cant remember =p
the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
judging by how close they are with those apples I'd say that escalated quicklyHeart 
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It's all going according to plan.....
Raptore1917's avatar
wow you don't see that everyday
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The weirdest ponies live in the woods...
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