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Everyday I look at this and wonder why isnt she real funko.. I want her so bad.

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u still making these? how to order?

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I do not, I have too many issues with my neck and wrists. Sorry!
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oh..well that's okay. I hope you feel better!

Hi there. Are you still making these? Would love one by Christmas if possible.
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I’m so sorry, I haven’t been offering these as commissions for a while, they just kill my neck/wrists. I’m probably only making them to sell at BABSCon now. I’ll post something if that changes tho. Thanks for your interest!
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Do you have any Tree Huggers left or can you make one?
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I make them to order, and my commissions are open right now so send me a note if you'd like to order!
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Whoa. Now that's pretty impressive. :D How did you make this?
How much for a Tree Hugger figure? I would love to buy one!
These are just wonderful, Trees. You truly are quite the artist....drawing, writing, the comic you're producing and all the work involved in these figures! Wow...just wow!

I'm impressed by the way. Great work!
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So beautiful LostintheTrees! I sent you a PM. I love the detail of Treehugger's hair!!
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can I order a custom figure?
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That is such a smooth and solid job with the eyes. Amazing.
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Thank you, I use decals that I print myself.
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is this a clay statue or a repaint? either way it looks awesome!
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These figures are made from a plastic base I make from a silicone mold. I have a separate mold for wings and horns. The mane and tail are made from sculpey clay. The figure is hand painted and coated with a professional matte varnish. For detail accuracy, the eyes and cutie marks are model decals that I print myself. Although the base mold is automatically a mare, I modify the muzzle for stallion orders. A figure is 5.5" tall from hoof to ear, and 3" long from nose to rear.

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thank you so much for the reply! they just look so cool! you do a really good job on the painting bits!
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Why thank you. I work very hard on these.
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It looks like funko figure
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Yes, I made the base model as close to the Funko figures as I could.
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Wait!? You make figures?
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