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Blank Pages
The words cut deep, the scars they form
Grow numb to pain, becomes the norm
Open your eyes, then you may see
This is not how it’s meant to be
Took the first step, the plaster’s gone
Don’t miss your chance of moving on
Why go back now, why waste your breath
You’ll just end up bleeding to death
Come take my hand, let’s walk away
This path does not lead you astray
Blank pages are in front of you
You hold the pen. Don’t try, just do.
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 5 1
I am yours
Life is full of repetition
Every story has been written
But the tale of you and I
Is so very new to me
Hooked from the beginning
As soon as we first kissed
Never crossed my mind
To not allow you back
Over time the walls came down
Guardians of fragile hearts
In the end we see ourselves
For who we really are
Eyes turn into windows
As I look into your soul
Lay yourself bare, naked
Show me who you are
Want to know you inside out
Every little thing about you
Open up your soul and heart
Don't be scared, I'll understand you
Part of me has always known
Didn't want to let you go
Hoped that one day, you and me
We would be right here
I am yours and you are mine
Two single pieces, one perfect match
Create the picture of a future
I'd never thought I'd get
You are part of who I am now
You belong to only me
Never let this story end
This is how it's meant to be
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 2 1
Hate-filled Mirrors
Cruel face of insecurity,
Evil smile mockingly
Stares back at me from the mirror.
Powerful hate leaves me
Gasping for air,
As I choke on the lump in my throat.
Why can't you be
More like them?
Less like you.
Hidden wounds are
Silently bleeding
Beneath the covers.
Hateful thoughts
Full of anger.
Screaming at the girl inside.
Look away.
Don't want to see.
Someone save me from myself.
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 0 3
Fight or Flight
Demons occupy my mind,
Laugh at reckless optimism.
Rose tinted glasses turn grey,
Fogged up by clouded thoughts.
Ghosts of feelings past
Haunt my frail happiness.
Heart made of broken pieces
Not quite mended, still fragile.
Filled with foolish hope.
Self fulfilling prophecy?
The wall is breaking down.
Time to choose, fight or flight...
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 0
Silent Pain
Nobody listens as I refuse to speak.
Darkness clouds my head.
Empty words keep lingering,
As the sheets turn cold.
My body runs on autopilot,
Giving up control I never had.
Thoughts race through my empty mind.
Heavy heart lies in my chest.
Shut myself off from the world.
Constant state of cogitation.
Blank stares, vacant eyes.
Silent pain. I lose. Myself.
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 1
Hide me
Feeling confusion, I stare at your face.
Can't order my thoughts, my head is a maze.
One step towards me. I feel your embrace.
My heart beat picks up, it's starting to race.
I cover my ears and scream "Go away!"
Can't see my own path, being led astray.
Hide me from the world. I don’t want to play.
Push you out the door and whisper “Please stay...”
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 2
Should I stay or should I go?
Seems I've travelled back in time;
I recognise the famous line.
Babe, I've heard it all before,
So how come I still want more?
Can I do this one more time?
Can I manage to be fine?
Like The Clash, I just don't know
"Should I stay or should I go"...
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 0 0
Lost Innocence
Trust has been broken
One too many times.
Words have lost meaning.
Everything seems lies.
Before, I was innocent,
Or maybe just naive.
I was an open book,
Trusted much too easily.
Now fear is my companion,
Always talking in my ear,
Warns me not to trust,
Not to think, not to feel.
I wish I could be honest,
And not just with myself.
Tell everyone my secrets,
Shout them to the world.
I wish I could indulge,
Just once more, for a day,
In happiness and pleasure,
In misery and pain.
Instead, I just feel empty.
Scared, alone, and still.
Burying my feelings.
Do not think. Do not feel.
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 0
Comfortable Silence
We sit together
In comfortable silence.
Even noise around us
Seems to quiet down.
It's just me and you
Alone in a crowded room.
Exchanging smiles. Looks.
Words. Stories.
An innocent touch
Across the table.
Picked up heartbeat.
Shy laughter.
Do I know you?
Listening. Watching.
Body Language.
Am I reading you right?
Never knowing,
Always Wondering.
But then really
Do we ever know?
Ultimately, there is
A deep fear.
Commitment. Rejection.
Beautiful eyes
Staring back at me.
What are they saying?
Anything at all?
Said too much, again.
Smiles and looks.
Hidden feelings.
Comfortable silence?
Maybe just empty.
Or maybe filled
With what we want to say.
One step at a time.
Day by day.
Hoping. Wishing.
Wanting. You.
Maybe. Maybe not.
Innocent? Happy?
In the end
Confusion wins.
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 2
What to do now?
Can't quite place
This feeling
Pressure in my chest
An angry scream of anguish
Stuck in my throat
Tears sitting
Under cheek bones
Sheer will power
Pushing them back
Feet tapping, hands shaking
Chills down my spine
Trying to ignore
Being aware of
Nothing else
All over the place
What to do?
Why does it always end like this?
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 0 0
Untitled - for now
Starving to death
I look at the apple
Which I am not allowed to eat.
Its juicy, sweet-sour taste
Is mockingly looking back at me.
A case of glass
That's all that separates us
But it's too thick to overcome.
As my mouth waters
And my stomach lays empty and painful
I realise that this is how it ends.
"You win", I whisper
And I turn away.
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 0 0
Sweet Oblivion
Your face
Your smile
A memory
It chokes me
The pain
Can't breathe
Wish for an end
That never comes
Just the sobs
And the tears
Until yet again
I cry myself empty
My body gives up
I fall unconscious
Into sweet oblivion
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 1
A Journey Home
        I have not been in this neighbourhood for many years. This street looks almost exactly the same way it did when I was younger yet it doesn't quite feel the same. I grew up in the house at the corner of the street. For over 15 years this was the only home I knew. The tree I used to climb on is still standing tall on the green bit next to the row of houses and in the middle there is still the big table made of stone with its four stone seats I used to meet my friends at. I loved living here. But when my dad cheated on my mother and left us, she sold the house and we had to move. Not only did she not have enough money to pay the bills by herself, I'm certain there were also too many memories caught in this house for her to cope. When my mum, my brother and I moved into a three bedroom flat at the other side of town I didn't think I would ever see the inside of this house again. Yet here I am, walking through the front door, into the living r
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 0 3
Love At The Playground
The scene starts with the focus on a river. The camera moves to the right and is now overlooking a playground. In the middle is a big metal climbing frame with a plastic slide coming off of it. There is also a see-saw and a set of swings. At the edge of the playground is a wooden bench.  
The camera zooms in towards the climbing frame. A teenage girl around the age of 16 is sitting at the bottom of the slide, looking absentmindedly into the distance. A teenage boy, roughly the same age as the girl, is sitting at the top of the climbing frame, watching the girl with a questioning look on his face.

What are you thinking about?
Her gaze moves to her feet.
Come on, I'm not stupid. I can see that something is bothering you. What's up?
She hesitates then answers ne
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 0
A Student's Life - 2nd Person
    The beeping of your alarm clock going off once again still doesn't seem to bother you and you hit the snooze button – just like you have been for the past two hours. Only this time you actually open your eyes and realise just how late it has got. Finally, you sit up and rub your eyes. Your hangover prevents you to move straight away so instead you simply sit at the edge of your bed. When you feel you got the energy to stand up, you throw on a dirty pair of jeans and the t-shirt from last night and walk out of the room.
    The corridor you walk through leads you into the empty kitchen. You sit down and lay your head on the table, wasting yet another five minutes you really do not have to spare. The realisation hits you that maybe you shouldn't have had as much alcohol as you did last night. Eventually you move your arm to check your watch and where most people would have jumped up in a panic and hurried out of the flat, you decide to get
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 1 0
A Student's Life - 1st Person
    Without opening my eyes I pat my bedside table until I finally hit the top of my alarm clock. I roll on my side and open one eye to glance at the time. 12.45pm - Shit!
    I yawn deeply and finally force myself to sit up. For almost two hours I've been hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock. My head is buzzing like a beehive. I hold my head up with my hands, my elbows resting on my knees. When I finally stand up, the room seems to be moving and my eyes can't seem to focus on anything. Maybe I shouldn't have had that last pint last night - or the shots of tequila everyone kept getting in. I throw on a dirty pair of jeans and last night's t-shirt and walk out of my room into the empty corridor. My feet drag me into the kitchen where I sit down and lay my head on the table. Checking my watch I walk over to the fridge, get out a bagel and quickly spread some butter on it. I gra
:iconlostinmyworld:lostinmyworld 0 0

Random Favourites

Artist Relations Newsletter - January 22, 2008
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: It's official, KariAnnLax belongs to me... .  Please join us in congratulating her in her new position as Assistant Director of Artist Relations.  You can read all about it here
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 120 30
DeviantART - Random Love by Lucanos DeviantART - Random Love :iconlucanos:Lucanos 206 335 deviantMessage by bluespeed9 deviantMessage :iconbluespeed9:bluespeed9 913 730 deviantNOTES - Flag notes by NekoDramon deviantNOTES - Flag notes :iconnekodramon:NekoDramon 104 56 Animator vs. Animation by alanbecker Animator vs. Animation :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 168,240 39,900 If Only... by nyu If Only... :iconnyu:nyu 5,952 2,300 randomLinks v0.3 by ArtBIT randomLinks v0.3 :iconartbit:ArtBIT 103 152 Walking On Sunshine by Ericana Walking On Sunshine :iconericana:Ericana 987 327 Metamorphose by Shadowelve Metamorphose :iconshadowelve:Shadowelve 40 24
What's so great?
What is so great?
about this thing called "love"
why is it such a
Why do people
Sit home and cry
And watch the ones they love
Die inside
What makes love
An amazing feeling?
Why does it
Confuse us all?
It's like a deadly force
That no one can
Even some hardcore metal bands
Mention the word
So how and
Why do we all succumb
To it's deadly grasp
In hollow hearts
And shallow minds
Only wanting one thing
Of our hearts
And souls
Always wondering
Never finding answers
So what
Makes "love"
So great?
I guess deep down
We all believe
That this thing called "love"
Is real
And we will all find it
One day
When we least expect it.  
I don't know
You tell me.  
:iconnon-emo-vampire:non-emo-vampire 3 20
Butterfly Red by Healersmoon Butterfly Red :iconhealersmoon:Healersmoon 40 21 Music Is My Boyfriend by DaXXe Music Is My Boyfriend :icondaxxe:DaXXe 6,676 502 I Heart Purple by webgoddess I Heart Purple :iconwebgoddess:webgoddess 2,571 193


Uni is over and I'm back!!! =)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 9:05 AM
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The here-to-help club is now a group. I hope everyone that used to be a member of the club joins the group because I bought a super account for it and I'm hoping for it go back to its former size and glory!! :aww:

WE HAVE A NEW CONTEST!!!! Read all about it here:…

.Random Deviant.
I stole lolly's idea.

1. First of we have Markus87. He doesn't have any work in his gallery and to be fair I'm not sure he's still even on here but still, go and leave him a nice hello or something. I know I always appreciate those. =)

2. Next up we have erikforever. She has some nice pieces in her gallery and you should go and check her out. :D

Avenue Q: Next Year PT 1   Princeton could hear the voices, counting down to New Year. The numbers ran through his head and didn’t seem to make any sense; until he heard the crowds roar the inevitable last number “ONE!”
   He felt Kate pull him into a kiss then smile at him. Looking over his shoulder to check where everyone was. There was Nicky (kissing some girl he had never seen before), Rod and Ricky kissing (still), Lucy hugging Trekkie who seemed overjoyed, the Bad Idea Bears pouring champagne (on the floor), and Gary (looking very pleased for some reason). Christmas Eve and Brian had even come over for New Years. Wrapping his arm around Kate he made his way to their apartment, last summer he had finally asked her to live with him, waving to his friends on the way and trying the avoid the Bad Idea Bears before they slipped Kate a Long Island Tea.
   “God am I tired!” Kate moaned as she walked into the apartment. She slipped off her jac
Torchwood - Ianto Jones by erikforever Tired Rouji Sketch by erikforever

3. Now we have zachri. She seems pretty talented. Have a look at her gallery and say hi.

Care Bear Luvin' Law Style by zachri Trafalgar Law - Fear by zachri Yoh-HoHoHoHo by zachri

4. I really enjoyed looking through TJUArt's gallery. I think you all should have a look and leave some comments! :)

Finally by TJUArt Crescent by TJUArt Horizon II by TJUArt

5. Last but not least we have Chieliee. He is pretty new and only has one deviation up so far. Let's give him a welcome and leave some comments!! :)


Don't know what a random deviant is? How about checking out this:
DeviantART - Random Love by Lucanos

.Personal Stuff.
Alright, so I'm really sorry I haven't been around. Everything just kind of happened really quickly one after the other. First my grandma passed away, then I moved, I started seeing a boy, and uni went to a finish so I had a lot of work to do writing essays, presentations, and prose/poetry for my creative writing class.

BUT - it's all over now!!! I'm settled into my new home, the boy...well I think we're done, and uni is over until September so I have time to be on here and start writing because I want to, not have to again!! =) Expect some uploads of the stuff I wrote during my creative writing course soon. In fact, I'll do some of that now.

Hope you are all well. Sorry I haven't been around again. That will all change. Let's get this summer started!!! :hug: :glomp: :cuddle: I love you guys!!


:hug: That's all! :hug:

Hope everyone else is doing alright.
Take care everyone!!

:heart: I love you all! :heart:


Ps. Isn't this CSS just awesome. :D
So easy, yet so cool. :aww:
Check it out!!!

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:smooch: :kiss: *I say good bye with a kiss from me* :kiss: :smooch:

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