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inhabited by a cry
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Published: June 24, 2002
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For Ruth Fainlight

I know the bottom, she says. I know it with my great tap root:
It is what you fear.
I do not fear it: I have been there.

Is it the sea you hear in me,
Its dissatisfactions?
Or the voice of nothing, that was your madness?

Love is a shadow.
How you lie and cry after it
Listen: these are its hooves: it has gone off, like a horse.

All night I shall gallop thus, impetuously,
Till your head is a stone, your pillow a little turf,
Echoing, echoing.

Or shall I bring you the sound of poisons?
This is rain now, this big hush.
And this is the fruit of it: tin-white, like arsenic.

I have suffered the atrocity of sunsets.
Scorched to the root
My red filaments burn and stand, a hand of wires.

Now I break up in pieces that fly about like clubs.
A wind of such violence
Will tolerate no bystanding: I must shriek.

The moon, also, is merciless: she would drag me
Cruelly, being barren.
Her radiance scathes me. Or perhaps I have caught her.

I let her go. I let her go
Diminished and flat, as after radical surgery.
How your bad dreams possess and endow me.

I am inhabited by a cry.
Nightly it flaps out
Looking, with its hooks, for something to love.

I am terrified by this dark thing
That sleeps in me;
All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity.

Clouds pass and disperse.
Are those the faces of love, those pale irretrievables?
Is it for such I agitate my heart?

I am incapable of more knowledge.
What is this, this face
So murderous in its strangle of branches? -

Its snaky acids hiss.
It petrifies the will. These are the isolate, slow faults
That kill, that kill, that kill.

I first read this poem by Sylvia Plath when I was 14 years old and it felt like it was about me. It is still my favorite poem, and it inspires me a lot.
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GoodAndPlenty520ME|Professional Digital Artist
I'm intrigued by this.  i like how you're naked for sure. 
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daveisquiet's avatar
she is missed! YOur photo is great!
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InHayle's avatar
Utterly captivating image.
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ravisingh5's avatar
spatulas photography 
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drpendragon's avatar
A made a painting of this pic, a long time ago.
Its considered by many (of my friends =P) to be one of my best works.
Thnx to the person who made it.
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killerkitty-mau's avatar
Love the white skin and the meaning of this photo
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I love this
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John-Logan|Hobbyist Photographer
So emotive and stark but beautifully executed. What a wonderful shot
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greeneyeluv|Hobbyist Photographer
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arswiss|Professional Digital Artist
im likeing how everything is such a soft, pure white, and then the hair is such a shocking contrast. It's like her hair is metaphoric for her tears- black and the only thing that doesnt fit.
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This is featured here.
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LittleGreenGamer|Hobbyist General Artist
i read the poem just now and i think it really complements the photo.

i have to be honest: you look beautiful in this image. i love the way you posed in this one. even though i'm not letting it take the focus off the poem, this is one of the best poses i've ever seen. :)
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NoctemPhotography|Professional Photographer
That is a beautiful skin color.. that is EXACTLY what I wish I had. Was the skin lightened at all or is that natural?
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Gaaragirl667's avatar
Beautiful, I love the white in it.
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bLaCkWaTeRgIrL's avatar
great contrast! it's such a beautiful pic.
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BubblesSonamyluv|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i feel just like that right now :(
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Extreme-Unction's avatar
very good.. i like it.
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It's very great and emotional! I like very it!
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mangaaisonfire's avatar
so pretty !
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hiding the face makes us see the worst.
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so pretty. FAVE!
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