What is God?
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A human
A lobster
A robot
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hm hard question
-I don´t think so. humans most time desucktive. and no time so powerfull.
a lobster?
- maybe but i think its maybe something that can take every form it wants.
a robot?
-interest in thort after all the math in univers and maby is natur not the same as a biologic computer?
my parents beleve in religion but i can´t be a christian like them or moslime or somting else. I respeckt them all but in the end I m most like a shaman and see"God" as the enery that ceepe the world move and a little pice of chance.

but you be right kids coud ask funny things!
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I keep letting my friend drag me to her Christian sermons here on campus despite my incredible lack of religion (she's so nice). They're designed for young people so there's lots of humor interjected. The speaker this time was talking about his daughters. According to him, he and his wife will take their daughters' faces in their hands and pray for them every night.
One time after doing this their eldest daughter (she's like... 7?) looked up at him and asked, "Dad, is God a human, a lobster, or a robot?" Like, a, b, or c, pick one.
:aww: Children are so cute!