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Made from my image [link]

I was returning from a cheering station of a 3-day breast cancer walk when I saw this on the back of a green VW and I had to get a shot.

Sorry for the not-transparentness, my Jasc Animation Shop isn't obeying my every command anymore. D=

Yes, I support gay rights.

One of the many things that baffle me these days is how little people can tolerate other people. We're all the same race- homo sapien, human. Would you expect everyone to be like you? If they aren't, why would you insist on hating or belittling or ostrocizing them?

How stupid is it to prevent people from getting married? That gets me every time. You don't agree with somebody so you keep them from marrying their loved one? Come on you idiots. They don't call it a free country for nothing. Let's live up to the name, shall we?

My full argument is here- [link]
I'll be happy to debate with you. I don't expect to 'convert' everyone to my way of thinking, and if you post just to prove that you won't change your opinion I don't care. It's not what your opinion is but if you want to limit other people's freedom because of it.
Just be sure you're ready for a reply when you post on either of my deviations.

If you want to comment, either picture is fine. Please spread this around if you can, some people need the message.
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okay but let's say this. 

what if, in some miraculous world, the roles were switched. Gay people were always shown in movies, had all the rights of love and could walk freely down the street without being beaten. now, the STRAIGHT people were almost never shown in movies, got denied a ton of rights, and got teased and beaten while walking down the street.

now, straight people.

put yourself in that situation. 

would you feel oppressed ?
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a world where someone suffers a lack of basic human rights based on their sexual orientation cannot be considered miraculous.

not this one, and not this hypothetical reverse world.

also where would bi/pan/ace people stand? would they all still be underrepresented since you're just switching out gay and straight's roles? would they still be considered immoral? would both straight and gay people still despise bi/pan/ace people and say they're immoral and wrong?

also, straight people don't have a radar that can detect you being gay. you can largely walk down the streets without being the target for violence purely because of your sexual orientation.
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that comment is fucking old? omg
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October 5th is old? God I'd hate to see what you call a 5 year old child. Those things must be fucking ancient! And us? Why we must be prehistoric!

It really doesn't matter how old it is; it's public, therefore anyone can reply.
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oh my god please calm down? every point you just made makes no sense. a date of a comment about someone's opinion that could easily change is different from the age of a person jfc.
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"every point you made makes no sense"
The first was largely hyperbole, since two months really isn't a long time.

as for the other point? your comment is public therefore anyone can comment?
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right, it isn't. but someone's opinion on something can and mostly will, change.

your point on that is true, but just because you have it in mind really doesn't mean you need to say it
because to be honest? not all of us want to hear it. 
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that's nice. but i call my shots, and i'll make the comment if i want.

you made the comment in a public forum. you took the risk that you'd get a reply. 

im gonna let you in on a little secret: 
not all of us want to hear it.
nobody cares
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Why not?
Because it's sick.
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How the hell is it "sick"?
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Please, tell me how it's "sick".
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Its not sick. He's just too ignorant and was raised by insane god obsessed christians.
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That's kinda insulting....I don't support gay rights...but I do respect you people.
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How can you respect someone but not support their rights? That's not a hypothetical question, I really want to know how one can do such a thing so I can repeat the process. And NO, I'm not being sarcastic.
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Well its sorta true..

People who think gays are sick and sinners are obviously sick themselves.

How is being who you are sick?

I'm sorry if I offended you.

I was greatly offended aswell.

Not all Christians are the same of course.

But those who shame gays for being who they are, are sorta rude and sick themselves.
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I used to make fun of gay people...but not anymore...but I still think it's wrong what you guys are doin, but hey, that's my opinion, you don't have to listen to me. Besides, I really don't care who's lesbian, Catholic, baptists, what I really care about is if they really believe and support themselves.
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.3. Well I'm not lesbian or gay.

I'm straight.

I support gay equality because they don't deserve treatment like that.

Being gay isnt a choice.

Would you choose to be ridiculed and bullied untill suicide because of how you are?

They can help liking the same gender.

They were born that way, and its perfectly normal.

Many other species on this planet show homosexual behavior besides humans.
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(Oops sorry) were not animals
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The person who said WHAT Do YOU MEEEAN WHY NOT??? Ever heard of the Bible?? SMH ........ The bible has been used billions of times in that way. In the U.S. separation of church and state is still there. And marriage well marriage is a social union or legal contract between people not just a man and a woman. The definition of marriage varies according to different cultures. So the bible marriage way isnt the only way to get married so they can stop treating there like its the only special marriage way. It time to let gays have all there rights come on people we have problems to worry about gay isnt a problem.
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WHAT Do YOU MEEEAN WHY NOT??? Ever heard of the Bible?? SMH
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Jesus didn't write the bible, people did, people put fake things in the bible to make others agree  with them. I highly doubt that god actually hates gays, it only says gays are bad in some bibles, not all of them.
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Fuck the bible, christian loser.
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The Bible has changed so much you don't even know...
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When you use the bible against something, and make a comment like that, it makes people think you're ignorant.
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