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I love this quote!
Life would be terrible without something you are passionate about. Whether or not you call it an obsession, it's the little things that keep life worth living.
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Obsessed with...

You guessed it! Eddsworld
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This is great! But I'm more of a...
Life is everything if you don't think it's a curse...which I think it is... XD
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History obesessed here !
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i'm obsessed with ghetsis
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A guy obssessed with any kind of games uwu, will use this soon
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Currently obsessed with creepypasta and slender verse. (It has Masky and Ticci Toby senpai 😻😻😻)
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I like it. I put it on my profile, if that's ok.
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creepypasta obsession currently XD
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whoa that comment was made several billion years ago I'm starting to dislike creepypasta now xD
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And I thought that was only me o u o
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I agree on you! It's just that, we have different "obsessions" that differ from one person to another.. :nod:
Hey! I admire your choice of fonts, very readable and clear. =D
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gosh, true. Autumn/winter depression catches up with me and I just NEED to develop a new obsession for the season.

Last year, an online RPG game in the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. kept me occupied, and saved from the dreary. This year I hope the obsession with Ponies will survive long enough - the show and the fandom are pretty awesome, and may suffice.

Two years ago... the depression was bad.
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Oh my god, I was totally going to send this to you in a note until I realized you were the one who posted it.
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But really you thought of me xD That is amazing
Don't you love this quote?! It makes me feel so much better about being so... passionate... about some things ha *cough supernatural cough*
And John Waters is so... unique lol.
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Related minds think alike! O:
Yessssssss haha. It applies to... so much of my life... maybe 99.99999% of it OTL
Who's John Waters? (too lazy to look it up myself)
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He is that weird guy at the beginning of the "do the creep" video remember? "I'm John Waters and this ... is the creep". He is a movie maker/director/writer and he made Hairspray, the original one, along with other movies that are too weird and/or gross for me to watch. He also likes books and has a couple about him and his movies. He's so weird! And awesome!

Some of his films: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
Check out the tags to get an idea of what they're like. The sanest one is definitely Hairspray.
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