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If anyone ever views this stamp... I'll just put my argument down here...

Why would it not be? So you enjoy getting comments. Okay. Everyone does. And everyone likes getting favourites on their deviations. Okay. A lot of people do. So you insist on both or none at all. You're forgetting this is an internet site where people can do what they want.

This scenario happens to me a lot: I'm browsing through DA and I see a pic I like. Maybe it's a cool digital art dragon, or some fanart, or a photo of a cute cat. I will most likely add it to my faves. I may or may not comment.

Why? Because I don't have anything to say. Because there are plenty comments saying what I would say. Because what I would say is "It looks cool" or "I like it" or "Nice colors" and I'd rather not waste my time.

And it might come up that I'm not picky on what I add to my faves, that they don't really matter like they do for other people.
I am careful with what I add to my favourites, but I add what I like. If I like the pic, 99% of the time it'll go to my faves. I like to go through them when I'm bored and enjoy all of the art I've found in the past.
And no, not every one of those pics has a comment from me. I just don't have anything to say sometimes.

And maybe you're one of those people I've favourited something, and I didn't have any crit or comments to add. Maybe you will post a comment on my devPage telling me to go comment. My answer is no. You're acting like comments are life or death, like those people desperate for pageviews.

You say that you won't thank me for faving if they don't comment? Okay, sure. Don't thank me. I don't fav pictures for your benefit, I do it for mine, and I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who agree.

If (and only if) I'm in a generous mood and I see a pic I like that was "COMMENT BEFORE FAVING" or something similar in the description, I might add a "cool" or "nice" or something like that and fav it. Because you wanted a comment, right? And Allah forbid you are one of those people who insist on you pointing out everything you like and giving a heart-felt critique, because it just won't be your day, and it probably never will be if you're that nitpicky.

Okay, the end of my nice "little" rant. Hope you enjoyed it.
I love arguing so please post any challenging viewpoints.

Edit: You can favourite this without commenting. Or comment if you want. That's the whole point, do what you want.

Edit 2: Lol thanks for all the views... I can't beleive it's at over a thousand, that's so sick. xD Looking back I think I did a real good job proving my point! Kudos for me, lol. Thanks again for all the faves, comments, and views on this!
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The kinds of people who get pissed just for not getting one lil old comment are called Attention Whores.
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Sometimes I fave something and see the little icon saying "Don't forget to leave a comment!" and I'm like "uh... what even am I supposed to put here??"

Or sometimes I comment saying something like "cool" but I don't like it enough to favorite it. 
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Favoriting means a lot to me. I rarely get any comments but that's fine. 
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*You opened the comment box to comment...
*But there was nothing to say.
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I think its rude not to comment if somebody gives you a request, but other than that, its not required.
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yep, i agree that
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I favourite alot

but i dont comment on 99.9% of em
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I love getting comments as much as anybody, but I rarely give comments so it doesn't bother me when people don't.
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no the fuck its not
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This had happened to me a few weeks ago, I had sent a commission to someone (I won't name names since she's a crybaby ) and I had taken a break from da to get rid of some stress, only to come back here to see that she said "oh well I gave you a couple of days to comment on your commission and you didn't and it unmotivates me when someone doesn't comment." So I told her off saying that I am not obligated to comment on anything if you say it unmotivates you then don't do commissions for christ sake
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I usually favorite stuff and then go on with my life.
Barely commenting.
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I favorite pictures or drawings without commenting nearly all the time.
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one question, why do people give a shit about this?
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All of my deviations have disabled comments, so everyone who faves it basically has to fave without commenting. I fave and run myself, and I barely feel anything when someone faves my deviations without commenting, even if comments are enabled. I'd much rather someone fave and run then leave a meaningless one-word comment like "pretty~!"
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Someone once got pissed off at me just because I said it was okay to fav something without commenting. Seriously, you're whole day isn't going to get ruined just because you don't get a single comment.
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You can usually tell if the fave is geniune by looking at the person's favorites/collection that your work has been added to. Some people make bots that automatically favorite everything in the newest section for pageviews. It personally bothers me a lot when people do this because I only want people who actually enjoy my work to favorite it.
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(sorry caps)
I just like knowing at least somebody looked at it. I actually dread comments because my art is NOT that good. ^^;
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Some people make bots that fav random art in the newest section for attention and pageviews. You can usually tell you got a bot fav if you take a look at the favorites gallery and your deviation is burried way deep in there (unless they faved your work a while ago).
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I agree with everything in the description
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