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Sherlock Nail Art Part 1

By LostFlame
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This is my first time ever posting something on DA but I did these nails the other day and I figured this is the type of place were people would appreciate the geekiness.

So I completely geeked out on my nails. This time to the brilliant BBC series Sherlock. If you don't know what that is, go and watch it now. I tried to give at least 1 nail to each episode with some obvious duplicates.
If you know the series 1) I love you and 2) hopefully the designs are pretty self explanatory but either way.
Thumb: The Final Problem: Moriarty's Get Sherlock, complete with smiley. A little hard to see in the picture. The back ground was suppose to be the crown jewels; bit of a failure.
Index: Again Final Problem: Moriarty's apple
Middle: Obviously Hound of Baskerville
Ring: The Blind Banker. The London A-Z the code used and hard to see in yellow but the symbol for Deadman above it.
Pinkie: Study in Scarlett. Again hard to see in the photo but Rache is carved out.
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Onezumi-Daisuke's avatar
I love them! I was just thinking of doing Sherlock nails myself!

Good luck with yours. I will be looking forward to seeing them. Its always neat to see what ever people remember when they come up with nail art designs for something. ^^
Onezumi-Daisuke's avatar
I got mine done! Yea! Feel free to have a look; they're in my gallery. I hope you don't mind, my "study in pink" nail is very similar to yours. I thought about doing one of the pill instead, but it didn't look good. Hope you like!
Thank you. I'm glad you liked them ^^
StarryGurl123's avatar
you're welcome =3
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