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[Uta no Prince-sama] Natsuki Shinomiya Sig

[Uta no Prince-sama] Natsuki Shinomiya Sig

This is for a forum competition, theme - Visual Novel. Quite noob of what is a Visual Novel. So I went googled it and find that out of my list of animes I have watched, Uta no Prince-sama is one of them which got Visual Novel, and there I just made it.

First time trying Black and White style actually, so don't know where is the standard at? Personally, I quite like it, and this is the first time I used pretty little effects and brushes.

Image rendered by therealsin. And some random brushes

Medium: Photoshop

Natsuki Shinomiya belongs to the Uta no Prince-sama original artist.

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Here I come~

Ok firstly, I'm not a very big fan of fully B/W sigs. If you've seen mine all colour de so I dun exactly know how to critic on colour wise for this.

The rest of what I'm saying are gonna be personal preference wor. First, nice use of the shadow. The thick black on the left of the character fits this very well. And the sharpness of the render is great. But I think it's a bit awkward that all the design and focus are behind the character. Why not any layers or the circles in front? So it'll look like there's more depth.

The big large circle at the back, I don't know to focus on that or the render. It's a bit snatching the spot light cus like all black suddenly white spot. Maybe can try one layer on top of the render with a light spotlight on him? so it can blend better with the background.

Font wise, I like the font it suits the b/w classy feel of it. However, I think it's abit big. I will strink it and shorten the vertical height of the rectangle. Keep it closer to the character. It's a bit too much to the edge for me.

I guess that's all. :)
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Angel Beats supposed to have VN one lor!!! :iconcraiplz:
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I asked the forum.. they said.. it's unofficial, so cannot =/ if not I alrdy used it la... <3 Hinata~