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[Fairy Tail] Gajeel Sig

[Fairy Tail] Gajeel Sig

Somehow I find this image of Gajeel super cool~ Gajeel belongs to the creator of Fairy Tail.

-Image rendered by Renders Graphique (is this even the user name?)
-Texture by jimmylovesdanielle
-texture_29_by_Sirius_sdz (not sure which is his/her account)
-some photoshop brushes where I randomly found

Medium: Photoshop
Please credit and let me know if you have downloaded and used it.

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© 2012 - 2021 lostcanvas13
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Very Gajeel are the most legendary XD
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for me is like: AAWWW YEAH! the version of gajeel xDDD
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Wow, awesome render. I like the choice of colour and font! What you could do more is add some more effects on the right side around the words, e.g. directions, burst effect etc. like this look a bit like the right side is flat. and the left part cover his hair a bit awkward too. either you cover more or you keep him clean. cause that part can see is one straight line down, looks very gek. :)

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I thought the right side has more effects than the left side.. tried to put some effects, but I think I got not much resources that's why... oh well test test fun only!
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i mean the box box there. the white a bit weird. the black there ya la a bit messy le. (I JUST REALISE GAJEEL LIKE PUKING BOXES HAHAHAHA).

Mm. Photoshop is must test test play around de. you've seen how badly done my old works are... OTL
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that's your practice.. same as mine.. also got faults here & there.. so still ok!
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I nv say practice is wrong what -.-
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I never say wrong ahhh... I said.. so still ok XP means it's ok~
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"I nv say practice is wrong"
"I never say wrong"

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Looks Neat And Cool :D

Gj ...
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