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[Arashi/NEWS] 2013 Calendar

[Arashi/NEWS] 2013 Calendar

No money to buy JE Calendar, so here I made my own.

This calendar is purely made for myself, with Arashi and NEWS only.. So whoever loves the 2 groups, you are welcome to use.

Images credit to all the magazine photos and shop photos.

You may download and use it, but please DO NOT abuse it, and remember to CREDIT.
NEWS & Arashi belongs to Johnny's Entertainment. This is purely fanmade, non-profit project.
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Just realise Koyama is the only one with 2 extra pics of him down there whereas others dont have o_o
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ya actually at first Sho got many small pictures.. but actually look off, cos the more i do, the less images =/ then koyama de... I just.. heck care -.- cos it's very mafan for rearrange the dates
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-_- so you lazy end up he more unique then sho...

sho sad.
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if not u say i bias again.. hahhaa