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[Arashi] Arafes Concert Stamp #06

[Arashi] Arafes Concert Stamp #06

6th upload of Arafes concert stamp! I'm a bit lazy to link all the stamps around, so just go to my gallery and enjoy =D That's for the first round! I will upload more later

The dance with 4 back dancers in the concert :iconheheplz:
I wanted to add some lyrics there (whoever watched this concert should know what is the lyrics XP) But it's too long.. this gif is one of the longest out of all.. :iconorzplz:

Video: Arafes Concert 2012
Cropped Scene: T.A.B.O.O performance

Medium: Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker for cropping, Sothink Video Converter

You may download and use it, but please DO NOT abuse it, and remember to CREDIT.
Concert video & Arashi belongs to Johnny's Entertainment. This is purely fanmade, non-profit project.

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