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This is the epic tale
Of how the Pyramids of Gueza were built
Without the wheel
And hundreds of feet high
It’s been lost
The Great Wall of China
A stone line of soldiers
Ready for the signal to defend
Against the Mongols
Why was it not demolished?
As it was being built
Wasn’t it vulnerable?
This has been lost as well
In the eyes of the slaves
Standing in single files
Sand colored pelts
Was what they were the masters of
Pushing limestone
Pushing boulder
Even now
With acid raining upon them
As we drag our brothers in
From all these wonders
And all their questions
Wrapped in aluminum foil
You can afford nothing else
Houdini saved the trees
So we trudged through sand pits
Under a fire breathers tongue
The acid hail
And the nuclear lightning
We drag our brothers to the end
Where we fall down as well
Screaming the chapters of this tale
And the holy gaze of seraphs
Is blind for eternity
And God looks away
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December 28, 2008
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