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Indian Head

Prologue to World War III


Prologue to World War III

This is the epic tale Of how the Pyramids of Gueza were built Without the wheel And hundreds of feet high It’s been lost The Great Wall of China A stone line of soldiers Ready for the signal to defend Against the Mongols Why was it not demolished? As it was being built Wasn’t it vulnerable? This has been lost as well In the eyes of the slaves Standing in single files Sand colored pelts Was what they were the masters of Pushing limestone Pushing boulder Even now With acid raining upon them As we drag our brothers in From all these wonders And all their questions Wrapped in aluminum foil You can afford nothing

firs pages of life


The Baby's Dream

Sometimes words are not enough

Egology Textbook

Book of Scars

Turing Prize

Letters 3

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Distressed Thumbnails

The Flea

Open City Fragment

3D Babel, No. 1

Library of Babel, No. 7

Book Plllar

Prophecies of Borges - 4

Reality Instructions



The book of the future

book of the future

The Book of the Future


The Book of the Future

The book of the future is a fragile thing Like a crystal sending off little rainbow prisms So why is it as tough as granite stone paved with ice? With silky white pages all grouped together neatly Like little honey bees, coming back from work So why are all of them browned and torn? Bound in all of God's favorite colors Like the inside of a bubble So why now is it dull and gray? The words are clear and beautifully spun Like an antique rug woven by Indians So why does every blurred word spell out "Disaster"? The book of the future is made by every tree they say. Every tree however, could not admire their work It's cover is laced

The Dark Night of Knowledge

E for Epilogue


E for Epilogue

E for Epilogue If there had been an age before now, its time was up. If there had been a place before here, it had faded to yellowed scraps long ago, remaining only a savage dustbowl of varied slow deaths. Android or cybernetic death is not as fast paced as traditional organic passing over. In crumbled tales of ancient times it had been interpreted that the truly living might terminate immediately on contact with the ground after a long fall, perhaps cease function randomly in the night. Some would walk out in front of vehicles and snap from bright intelligence to a damp red heap in a second. Others would live and die at the point of birt

Inspire me

Hello 1984

A Collective Realization


A Collective Realization

A Collective Realization We are the dead Yes, we are the dead Drowning, burning Freezing, but learning. So who are we now? Those lost in savage Africa On a quest for ivory Our hearts full of D.a.r.k.n.e.s.s. Oh, the horror, the horror! We are without time, Lost in time, Or, rather, it is The space-time fabric Which is lost in us. Yes, that is it. And we, too, have our time Just as the day Or the night. It is day by the blessed sun Or, night by the blessed moon. We say it is the moon, We know it is the sun. then god be blessed For it has its time! And winter has its. To everything, they say, There is a season. Yes

Test Pattern


The Book of all Books




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Used Club Seeks New Blood

Used Club Seeks New Blood

Please disregard the phrase above. I don't know how to get rid of it. This very fine gallery has been neglected for over a year because I have moved on to other things. If you have any interest in reviving it, running it, turning it into a group endeavor, or in any way carrying on the project I started please let me know. You can change it however you like to make it your own, but I would hope that the gallery up to now would remain and be added to. If no one steps up, I will just leave it sitting here for the foreseeable future. WHAT IS THE LOST BOOK CLUB AND MUSEUM? It is a gallery of fragments, both text and image artifacts, connected b

New Contest: The Book of the Future

New Contest: The Book of the Future

NEW CONTEST: THE BOOK OF THE FUTURE In honor of our museum's 300th acquisition, and leading up to our first anniversary, I am announcing a new contest, open to all, on the theme THE BOOK OF THE FUTURE. This can be interpreted any way you like. It could be a mysterious book that comes to us from the future, or a book of speculations and predictions about the future of books and literacy, in particular, or the future in general, or any other way you care to look at it. This time I would like to encourage text entries, fiction or non-fiction, as well as visual art. Prizes will include a fine print of your choice from my Lost Book images, and

Museum Passes 200 Objects

Museum Passes 200 Objects

:thumb70168395::thumb70168481::thumb70168610: Lost Book Finds Use in Real World First of many, I suspect. :thumb77863678: The winner of our DREAM BOOK CONTEST, is ~mjdaluz (https://www.deviantart.com/mjdaluz), with her Key to Imagination: :thumb75208098: WHAT IS THE LOST BOOK CLUB AND MUSEUM? It is a gallery of fragments, both text and image artifacts, connected by a common theme: The Deconstruction and Reimagining of Books and Book Culture in our Post-Literate Age. EXAMPLES: Fragments of ancient texts in forgotten languages, scientific & technical illustrations from unknown sciences and technologies, false starts of books, covers or title pages for non-existent

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Happy Birthday!
*Dances around wildly and almost missed the shelf*
*Slinks away again*
Sorry to have abandoned this club. My 20th century loner brain became dangerously overloaded by 21st century social media some time ago, so I took a long break. For the moment I have only returned to let you know where I can be found, for those who might want to find me. I have just started a blog at [link] in order to have a public place to work on my latest obsessions.
I promise to be far more responsive to the few who visit me there - and you might find it interesting. Wishing all the best for all of you.

James 119
mysticnova7Professional General Artist
OK, so I have been watching the group for a while now and you're on my friends list. How do I choose to be a donor and what's next?
agre76Professional Traditional Artist
i was always thinkin that my drawings are missing book covers or illustration for forbbiden books..have loots of inspiration:)
Happy Birthday!
*Dances around wildly until a shelf gets knocked over*
*Slinks away*
can somebody please let me know if James is coming back ?? what has happened ?? do you have any news ??
I'd like this club to be a GROUP, lots of persons are so interested in it.... It's one of the best clubs in DA

is the Club of the lost Books still alife ... cos the journal entry from James Koehnline dates back to june this year. I´m interested in joining and submitting to the club once in a while cos im a surreal book lover!