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What happened Pewds?

As much as I love Pewdiepie, He's not what he used to be...

To be honest, I think he's just getting lazy with his videos, I hugely prefer His older stuff, he never talks about Stephano, Piggy, Mr.chair, Le Pipey, Graym, the Barrels, Bro or any of those guys anymore, they're one of the main reasons he got so popular in the first place

Remember that it's just my opinion, no need to go bat shit tonto.

:+fav: If you're going to use.
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what yall think of him now
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Hecc his videos now are okay but I still miss the old pewds ;v;
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update for 2017: u rite
hes worse
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nor is anyone else
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//clenches heart 
its sad that its true 
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it was better when it was unedited him being like a normal person. now its just lots of edited nonsense and random noises and its kinda annoying
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I agree, I loved his videos from 2013 to early 2015 but now he just isn't the same anymore. His jokes nowadays aren't that funny and personally, he just uploads too many videos. One every 3 days is fine but a new video everyday just seems super stressful and they are always very short. I would rather have a 15 or 20 minute video that is fun and entertaining and have to wait a few days for him to upload it than a 5 to 7 minute video that seems rushed everyday. But sometimes even his longer videos aren't that good.  Still, I occasionally get a good laugh out of his newer stuff.

this comment is way too detailed ._.
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AGREED BY 100000

Have you SEEN his FNAF 4 play through?

Ah. A jump scare.
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I don't even watch Pewdiepie anymore, I only occasionally watch his older videos but to be honest I more just watch Caddicurus, Playinwifmahwii and PeanutButterGamer 
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I don't watch him either, Game grumps, Kuledud3, Markiplier and PBG for me
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I kinda miss old PewDiePie...nowadays he tries way too hard to act funny in his newer stuff, it's kinda hard to watch :[
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I don't really like his videos anymore, all he makes is sexual jokes. I don't find him funny. I much prefer Jacksepticeye cuz he is more "tame" and he actually makes me laugh.
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I like his old videos (When he played games that were actually funny/ scary) But occasionally he'll come out with a good play though 
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DashieXP is funnier
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Meh, I'm not really a fan of walk thru gamers
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He's not much of a walkthrough gamer
If you've never heard of DashieXP or Dashiegames,please go watch him,you won't regret it
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I watched an Amnesia video, where he was carrying Stephano around, put him down, open the door, saw a monsters, pick up Stephano, and then ran :laughing: I thought it was funny he picked him up first. And I always thought him screaming "BARRELS!!1!!!" was funny for some reason. 
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XD I prefer old 1012 Pewds by a long shot
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I agree with this so much. I've also noticed, that he also makes a lot more sexual jokes now, hell, that's practically the only type of jokes he makes now that I've seen.

I used to like his videos, but now they're kind of...well...sexual shit...for a lack of a better term.

Now I watch Mark, Sean & The Smosh Games Crew a lot more. I just wish he went back to his old self :/
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Me, too. But hey at least he isn't acting like a rich jerk like the majority of gaming youtubers :-/
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