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Religious =\= Superior

By LostAtSeaOFF
Athiest =\= Superior:Athiest isn't superior by Undead-Purdy

Because, y'know there's always that one Christian\ Muslim\ Hindu etc. that acts superior to the rest of the human race for religious beliefs :T Trust me I met a person on here not too long ago that acted high and mighty to me :lol:

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I actually have yet to see a Hindu (or Buddhist, or Native American) act this way.  Mostly just christians, jews, and muslims.
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Not to be an asshole here but I'm sure dat da basic human is capable of being rude, disgusting etc. so I'm sure dat you can find someone who acts arrogant no matter what religion or ethnicity they belong to. Gandhi was a hindu, but he was still ignorant because of his racist ideas and so on.
and da number of buddhists in da world is about 350 million. I'm sure dat at least a few of them must be a little bit proud
and so on.

but hey, das just me. I'm okay with different opinions :0
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I'm talking specifically of being a dick about their religion, not being a dick in general.
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well I'm sure dat you still have those. if you can be a dick in general, then I'm sure you can be a dick about your religion too
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True, but I've seen Hindus act like that before
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While I haven't seen it, I don't doubt it; what with how they reacted to SMITE including Kali.
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