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Athiest isn't superior

By LostAtSeaOFF
Religious =\= Superior: Religious =\= Superior by Undead-Purdy

I'm personally an athiest, but I bet you've all met that one athiest who acts high and mighty for believing in science :T We're all equal no matter of beliefs people 

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You know what I also hate?

People using the "It's a free country, I can do whatever I want!" excuse to get away with being an intolerable, toxic, asshole bitch that no one wants to be caught dead hanging out with.

Even in "Free Countries" there are rules to follows, and a set of morals, taste and standards to live by.

How would these ass hole bitches love it when people shove their beliefs, social views, ideologies, likes and dislikes down the asshole bitch's throat?
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I hate it when anybody act superior because of something that they beliefs
athiest or religious same god damn thing to me
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I agree. And I'm atheist as well.
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Agreed. I'm athiest too, but yeesh, at least I don't keep my head in my ass for believing in evolution.
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I only show atheism/satanism down person's throat if they show their beliefs down other people's throats. Let the motherfucker know that feel.
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I never force anything down anyones throats, these stamps are about those people exactly, the ones that act like the most intelligent and superior human being to have ever lived and shove their beliefs down everyone elses throats
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Screw not shoving opinions down peoples throats, it's hilariously fun!
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Go back to school.
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You proposed no arguments to support your declaration... so wtf? It's a matter of opinion what I do. And it's not like I do it in real life, I do it on the internet. And if someone doesn't like it, oh well there is a convenient block button for them to use as many times as they fucking wish.
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I honestly don't care if it's Internet or not, it's still bad, the Internet doesn't give you right to be a dickrag
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Actually, it does. I live in America, and freedom of speech is a right. My right. Technically, I'm not forcing options into ones ideology, I'm merely trying to make them acknowledge that their ideology is incoherent, or ridiculous.
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Wow, you must be a very special and rare species of cunt.

There's a difference between free speech and being a jerk, learn it before trying to splatter your ignorance all over me, thanks in advance -Purdy
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Ugh.. I know what you mean by the stamp... 
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"We're all equal"
Some are born with disabilities, some aren't, some choose to accept progress and fact, others don't.
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That's not really what I meant but okay
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I know, I'm just a douche sometimes.
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