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May Mission 2 Guard Swap Snatch



So here's my entry for the second event/mission in PKMNation for may. I was allowed to use the Kabuto Fusion from SkullCollectorCubone and the Cyndaquill and Litwick from Aetherium-Aeon which was very kind of the two off them.

So Marcy and her daughter (Tyrunt Fusion) along with Toxin Shadow pretends to capture a Snubbull (It's owned by me and yes it's actually a male, he just likes ribbons) to lure the guards from their position. Meanwhile my Glameow, Cynder and Lumi goes to free the Kecleons while Arcade and Tempo stand guard.

Anyway here's the levels everyone got:
Fullbody (2) + Shading (2) + Complex BG (2) = 6 levels for everyone pictured.

Note; Normally the Tyrunt Fusion has smoke coming out of her but that's just always there. The fire is made when she's feeling strong emotions or attacking, otherwise there's just smoke.
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Congrats! you win a random egg for your participation in the event! You did a great job and the items been added for you!! =D congrats again!