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June Tasks Pages 1-20



So here's this incredibly long thing. Since I might not have time to finish this next week I'm uploading it as this for now.

Participating teams:
Dragons Bane; Explorers
Doctrina Defector; Researchers
Dragons Pride; Hunters
Fortuna Tempus; Hunters
Myth Seekers; Explorers
Alchemists Diciples; Researchers

So a little walkthrough off what's going on;

Pages; 1-4
Wapasha from Fortuna Tempus is helping Sundance look for the Shuttles. Using his Extrasensory to find the shuttles and his Illusion ability to hide when a Lilligant walks out back after hearing some talking from her garden. Sundance then suggest that they go have some Ice Cream.

Pages; 4-8
All mentioned teams have at least one member walk down the runway of Chantelle's show. Poor Jackie who was only trying out Kain's Wooly Hooded Vest gets pushed out on the runway by a Gravler in charge of sending the "models" out. Tiamat got to borrow the Winter Mystic Shawl from another team. The other teams had their own accesories to show off meaning; Trixie, Marduk, Xue and Sierra

Pages; last frame on 8-9
More just for showing that the teams were part of the show thinking that the Ninja's may appear there, no such luck though and the teams have to head off and help with other things.

Pages; 10-15
Wapasha rushes to meet up with Rex who was left too hanging up posters and handing out flyers for helping Regigigas's reputation. It's not going so well but a passerby (Lilligant from earlier perhaps?) is still intrested in what they're doing. A Servine is less than impressed argues against the propaganda when Sierra and Tiamat joins up with the others. Sierra explains that all the guilds are working on making a new dungeon availble which will increase trading imensly non off which could have happened without having Regigigas around. Shown is Jackie, Rox and Kain running to find the entrance and building the outpost, Marduk, Jackie, Rox and Kain and building simple wodden building with a grass roof and berry bushes growing around it, and Xue, Pip, Trixie and Amice helping Solstice organize paperwork, Amice and Pip are fast enough to move and deliver papers quickly and both Xue and Trixie helped make things more efficient. Trixie even found time to make Solstice some brew (tea) to help calm her down and help against the headaches.

Pages; 16-first frame on 17
We see Marduke, Jackie, Rox and Kain finishing the outpost. They got help from some local bug-types (shown Caterpie and Mothim) to find the location and keep the Phantumps from messing things up. They got paid with some honey from town.

Pages; 17-19
With the DIY books they got from Solstice Xue and Amice Mimic's Trixie's Psychic (Xue) and Protect (Amice) so that they can safely move the sleeping Snorlax without waking it up and causing to much damage to the lab. Afterward they stay and help clean up.

Page; 20
Marduk, Jackie, Rox and Kain found a cave in in the dungeon right next to one off the underground lakes.

Continues here!!


I'll figure out the Merits/Strikes and rewards recorded on the second part.
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Sorry ^^; But if you could clarify which teams are specifically helping with building the outpost in your description, then resubmit to the Atlas please. You will have one week to make these changes. ^^; Apologies for any inconvenience!