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Errand 2 Everyone



Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

Dragons Bane
Dragons Pride
Doctrina Defector
Alchemists Diciples
Myth Seekers
Fortuna Tempus

This is mostly just a placeholder as I'm not home to much this weekend so I can work on it. Anyway these guys decided to simply boil the eggs and paint them funnily instead of making some fancy food out of them Rox and Sierra went to get more coal so they could keep the fire going and Kain and Rex weren't intrested, or invited if both came they would have fought and made a mess of everything. Poor Jackie all this painting is hard when you don't have fingers, it's a little easier for those with paws.
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Well, I would wait for the final version ^^