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Errand 1 AD FT MS



So that's all the teams who'll be doign this errand. These guys decided to stick together and clean things up so they could share painting supplies.

Wapasha and Rox just finished cleaning up some paintings and came to see what the others were doing. Trixie is rewriting a rude text to amke it say "Funky Guilds" instead of what was there before and Jackie is coloring some flowers someone drew and wrote some non to charming things about the Royal Guards.

Alchemists Diciples
Myth Seekers
Fortuna Tempus

Errand 1; Issued 14th of April by Luke, Completed 15th of April
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Ooh can I join the Funk Guild, will I need an Afro or a tasseled jumpsuit, or both? (I hope both.)